Lows blood sugars on the Pump vs Shots

Hello all,

I been on the Omni pump now for a few years now and before that I been on insulin shots for all my diabetic life. My question to you all is has anyone notice the difference in low and I mean low blood sugars on the Pump versus on insulin shots while asleep as the low bs hit you?

What I mean is while I was taking insulin shots,I would get a low blood sugar during my sleep and it seem as soon as my sugar would drop below 50mg or so I would almost always wake up and I would know and take care of it without any issues. Now that I am on the omnipod pump, the lows are less common but they happen. I notice I do not respond the same to those low blood sugars during my sleep as I did on insulin shots with the same kind of insulin (humalog). During my lows on omnipod I can't seem to wake up, I feel like I am in what I call LA LA Land, where I am very confused, kinda scare and usually the dream kinda repeats itself over and over and I can't get out or I can't tell weather I'm awake or asleep. Obviously is do to the low bs but I rarely experience this on insulin shots but now on the omnipod pump it happens a lot when the lows hit me...

I've had nasty lows with both pumps (Medtronic...) and shots. I don't think I get as many with the pump but I feel so in control with it that sometimes, I prebolus and get distracted and when it hits,it's like a train. Night works ok for me, I haven't had too many of those lately.

Hypoglycemia unawareness tends to increase as we progress through our Diabetes life. For the first 20 years or so my body would respond to low BG by dumping sugar and waking me up, but after many hypos my body now ignores them and I just keep dropping lower and lower. Pump therapy has reduced the frequency of low's for me but the more aggressive insulin regiment has caused me to have little or no hypo-awareness until my BG gets in the 40's or even lower. I have near normal A1c and will not give that up to maybe fix my awareness issues...I feel comfortable with my CGMS and now that I'm 61 my bladder has come to the rescue and wakes me up several times throughout the night...;-)

I also believe that pumping insulin = a slower response to BG changes and injecting insulin has a more pronounced action curve...JMHO