Do you get different responses from the same low number? I am usually functional down into the 50's but last night I woke up at 63 and my speach was slured, had trouble focussing and very little muscle control. I got to my supply of candied orange slices and had 2 slices. This occured at 11pm so my wife insisted I eat a couple of Triscuits with peanut butter. When I got up again at 4am I was 123 and 113 when I ate at 6:15am.

We ate last night at about 6:30pm and I was 175 before eating so I shot 7 units novolog to go with chicken fried steak strips, green beans and sliced tomato. I went to bed at 8:30pm and shot 38 units of Lantus. I have been having lows at about 4am so I have been inching back on the Lantus from 43units. I have been adjusting by 1 unit the next night after a low. I guess you could consider 38 on top of 7 stacking. I have an ENDO visit next month so I am sure we will have something to talk about.

That’s alot of basal insulin. I hope your endo figures this out for you.

heck yeah. I’ve seen Eric acting perfectly normal (and refusing to drink juice) at 58, but having screaming tantrums at 75 before sucking down the juice box I offer to the point that the darn thing implodes. I think it has something to do with how fast you go from normal to low – a slow, incremental decline in BG seems to prompt much fewer physical symptoms than a rapid fall.

By the way… you might want to look at your ratio of Lantus to Novolog. Everything I’ve read says that the Lantus should be no more than 50% of the total insulin dose for the day, so unless you had a hell of a lot more Novolog during the day than your 7 units at dinner would seem to indicate, I think your basal insulin dose is probably too high.

You should definitely talk w/ your physician next month about the insulin stacking issue. One thing to note is that sometimes basal insulins can still have a peak (although the companies may not say that they do…keep in mind that evidence may come from in vitro versus in vivo studies, and we all know first-hand that things operate differently in some of us :-).
So knowing that it may have a peak, if you shoot your basal insulin right before bed, then it’s going to be peaking in the middle of the night. It might be beneficial to move that potential peak time to earlier (so shooting your basal insulin earlier…or switching to a morning basal shot so you’re awake when it happens).
And to speak to what Elizabeth mentioned, a lot of people shoot for a 50/50 split of basal/bolus insulin usage per day. I’m more a 40/60 basal/bolus myself (I love carbs). But in either case, the basal amount may be high. It may also depend on what type of oral medications you’re taking (type 2 right?), and when you’re taking those with respect to when you’re taking your insulin…

I too am taking a high dose of Lantus(44u)a.m. and p.m.–with my Novolog 8-12 u pre-meals----Sometimes I wake up with a BG of 170 or it may be 110—never know. It is frustrating!! @Elizabeth–its strange how our body reacts to differnt lows—I

Yes, actually i had a 54 last night and didn’t even feel it.I just checked my level because i was tossing and turning a lot in bed. When i checked it,i was surprised because when I am in the 50’s, i usually feel symptoms and shake and sweat etc… .Sometimes i feel low when its 100.Its weird the way it works sometimes.
you should really talk to your endo about your lantus dose.

I had a 63 when I got home from work and didn’t even feel it. I decided to eat though because it doesn’t take too long before you go lower and then I would feel it.

I wish I could help you out but I have the same problem! Sometimes I can hardley talk or stand up and other times you wouldn’t even know anything was wrong. I know that I am now not as senitive to lows as I used to be and at times I have had LOC’s which are very scary. I now take a blood sugar when ever I drive just as a percaution. Usually when I don’t feel like taking a bs then it’s an indication something is off. Something I now do when I have a low is I do a square bolus instead of a regular one when I over eat so I don’t go low again. Hope these idea’s help.