Mac downloads and why you dont see it for Diabetes devices

Jay, being English and UK based this will not work for me but do hope it helps you guys in the US to change the FDA way of doing things. I'm aware they also need EU approvals but being a US Company these would be based upon the US FDA that was granted first.

Theres no way to get it to work in a virtual machine, you have to use bootcamp. I recall a setting in parallels that let you use the same install in boot camp as a virtual machine, but I'm not sure if you can port a current virtual machine to bootcamp or if you'd have to install in boot camp first.

But all other USB drivers I'm using in my virtual machine work just fine, its only the G4 that doesn't. Where did you get the Bootcamp info from and was it just related to the G4 drivers.

Actually, Dexcom got an EU "CE mark" before the US FDA approval. I have yet to wrap my head around how getting the EU approval came first, either.


I understand the FDA approval process, heck, I have to deal with the FAA at work, and they rightfully want an proven, solid answer for the general population, but since this is for statistical analysis, so I'm not to worried about getting the data fudged up. If it were controlling my health (ie. I had to be within 10 feet of my computer all the time for it to dose me), then I'd be worried.

I don't have a G4 until next June (hopefully that and a Vibe), but VMWare lets me direct any USB input to the VM, so it makes me wonder...

Hi Jay - spoke to Diasend today (Sweden ?) they told me that the Patient version does not support Dexcom outside of Sweden. They also could not tell me when this support would be rolled out to rest of the world. Also if you do not use a specific pump then they charge circa £10 per month for the software (after a 30 day trial). For £120 a year I will download onto a PC and transfer files myself to my Mac.