Do Mac users download the Dex?

I understand that you can download the Dex readings on a pc but not on a Mac. Is that correct?
I have ordered a Dex and awaiting it though I only have Macs and have not spent the money to get Windows and software to use the pc side of it. And don't think I can now with some new other expenses.
I guess I can just use it to see what is happening in the here and now. I did finally get the carelink working when MM gave in and made it Mac compatible.
What do Mac users do if they can't afford another computer?

We are also all MAC but did get a hand me down windows machine that we used for the dex and cozmo. Now my husband has the windows software running parallel on his Mac. We had some problem sensors and I am glad to download the info and send it to CA to troubleshoot. I will be doing it again on Monday. That's the best way to verify repeated problems and get a replacement. As for the pump adjustments, I make them based on the patterns I observe so the down load is not absolutely necessary. Maybe you can use a friend's computer or one at work, school or library. You always need the disc for download, even when the program is loaded on your machine. And it's best to have internet access. Oh, and they are there M to F, 6am to 5pm PACIFIC. Outside those hours they don't have the right tech people to review your data.

This is all good info, MrsGink. Thanks for the details. My more complicated story is that I have to spend several weeks in NYC camping for 2 weeks in a hospital with a friend getting ca surgery and then 2 wks post-hosp 'somewhere.' So I was thinking of getting an iPad or netbook to lighten my load. But it sounds like I need access to a CD slot. So now I may need to look at pc notebooks or something else lightweight. My MacBk Pro is 15 inches and too heavy to lug around with everything else.
Life can get complicated for sure. Thanks again.

It does all sound complicated. Good luck figuring out the computer situation. For 4 weeks of health and sanity it sounds worth it thoughj. All the best to you and your friend... Happy Thanksgiving.

We have intel Macs and use the windows stuff only when we have to. I prefer VMware Fusion but we also have Bootcamp.
We’re still running Snow Leopard. Dex cannot be directly downloaded into Mac software.

New CGM user and long time MAC user. I am trying to figure out to run the Dexcom software.
I downloaded Parallels.

Do I have to purchase Windows OS to run the Dexcom software OR is there another way?
Seems crazy to have to buy the whole OS, am I missing something here.
I usually do OK figuring out the all the computer stuff, but I am challenged here.

Thanks all,


There is no other way to run the Dexcom software other than through windows which will require a purchase of windows operating system. I’ve heard rumors that there are plans in the works for integration with Diasend but wouldn’t count on that till it really happens and it may take a while to get through FDA even if it’s in the works.

I use the Dexcom data all the time so wouldn’t recommend trying to use just the information on the receiver but that would be an option.

Does your endo download Dexcom? Would they let you periodically come in and download your data? Technically they can bill your insurance for that each time though so that can get spendy.

I was prepared (or, my wallet was, kind of) t purchase Windows OS AND Parallels.

Minimum System Requirements: (per Data Manager 3)
-Windows Vista- no longer being sold. up a creek with out a paddle then aren't I?
-XP SErvice Pack 2- this is an upgrade/update, no good if you don't already have an Windows OS.
-Windows 2003 Server, also an upgrade/update...

Can't verify if Windows 7 will support the software.
Can anyone here confirm?

I might use work computer, not the best place/space/environment.
I like the tip regarding the Dr's office and billing insurance.
I wonder if I could submit a claim for the cost of the Windows OS to my insurance.
I sure wouldn't buy it for any other reason.


Our Windows is Windows 7. I haven’t had any trouble running the Dexcom software on our MAC. I also have not regretted having the Windows available and I’ve used it more than I thought I would. I also prefer Mac software whenever possible but it’s nice to have options also when it comes to proprietary software or if something just isn’t formatting correctly.

If you want to print your reports you will also need Word or some sort of Word capable viewer. Pages will not work for this. That’s my one big complaint about Dexcom software is how they have the reports set up to print.

I'm on the desktop now vs I-Pad so I can give specifics. Our MAC is a 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3 with 4 GB Memory. We're running OS 10.6.8. Our Windows 7 is the Professional Version and I believe we have it running in 32 bit compatibility mode but not sure. I didn't check that when I had it open. Our Parallels is Version 6.

Check out It is a windows emulation program. I will be starting it later in January when I have time to tweak it. There are a couple of other windows emulation programs -- see codeweavers also.

Thanks but I am not a programmer. So am not sure I could do anything that requires creating commands, etc. That was the olden days for me and never learned html except for a couple of basics.
but will check out your site, just in case. Hope you will let us know if it gets ready for a plain user to use.

I have been reviewing different ways to run DM from Dexcom. I will be testing CrossOver - a commercially prepared version of WINE - during the next month. I will keep the group on this thread informed.

Jay, I look forward to your report on Crossover. I agree with the points. A corollary to the point about the risk with homogeneity is in California and elsewhere where commercial farmers plant acres of the same vegetable or fruit tree or berries. The name for it is monoculture. When you have only one plant in a wide area, there is no diversity of insects, birds, other wildlife, along with earth minerals, etc. That leads to unhealthy plants that can't defend themselves against disease. OK, that is the shorthand, pitiful explanation but the same is true for Windows. It is more open to attack because it is so widespread.
Not to mention that in order to use it on my Mac, I would have to buy Windows plus an "office" type program that includes a spreadsheet. Even the 'cheap' versions are not cheap to me.

I have a mac and am using VMWare. I can’t get the Studio software to recognize my device when plugged in. When I go to VMWare and scroll down to USB it lists the Dexcom. But for some reason the software won’t recognize it. Can anyone help with this or point me in the right direction?

See my other reply on your other post about this.

What we know works is.

Mac running Win 7 via bootcamp only :-)

All others as far as I'm aware need two machines a Mac and a PC to download the readings.