Software Development (?)

I am a Mac/iPhone application developer, and I was wondering if anyone has an interest to learn (or any skills) to develop an application for the iPhone and/or the Mac that might work with the current pumps and meters … or, to develop something new.

I read a post from last Winter that it’s a “risky” business to pursue such an “idealistic probability” since Diabetes only affects 7 in 1000 people; however, my son’s Endocrinologist is all for it and is hoping that I will be able to do so.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but if anyone has an interest, PLEASE contact me with your level of interest and (hopefully) skills set. You can contact me here or through my profile (email, etc.).

A little about me:
B.S. Pharmacist (graduated 1990 from UT Austin)
Currently Provide Diabetes Education through my pharmacy staffing company
own a software development company (established 1992)

  • since I can’t find any “Mac” software, I’m just doing it myself !!!

Joseph R. Saylor, III
Infinity Interactive Design

Hi Joe,
I do not have the skills to help you on this. However I am trying to reach a person whom I believe may be able to do this. As soon as i speak to him I can forward your message to him and he can talk to you himself. It may take a few days for me to reach him. Whatever comes up, I will get back to you.


Thank you so much. One thing I DO want you to know is, developing for the Mac is not that difficult, which is one of the reasons why I switched from Windows. I would greatly appreciate any input you might have regarding the functionality of the software, if we decide to create something new, and if you’re interested in learning yourself, I can point you in the direction of some incredible material that will step you through how to program for the Mac. I’m not sure if you know (if you’re using a Mac) that all of the software needed to develop for the Mac is included on the install disk; sample code is also available. They want people to be creative, in contrast to Microsoft, which sells their software development suite for between $3000 and $4000!!

The main reason why I’m so driven to write a program is because there is nothing available for the Mac (at this present time). I have a feeling, however, that things could change very rapidly since Apple has decided to switch to Intel processors in their machines. Since my son was diagnosed, we’ve both been working together to program something unique and useful. We hope that we can do just that.

Thank you again for your help. Take care.

I have no skills in this area, but would be interested in brainstorming ideas…

Absolutely! That’s the main reason why I posted here. I discovered a LONG time ago that I don’t know everything - prior to that time, life was very difficult …

What would be nice is a software that could accommodate ALL the data from the pump (info about basal, boluses, carb intake, BG levels) in one place.

I use the Cozmo and the pump software allows me to put this all into a list or a table, but it is SO much information and it is hard to interpret.

The other available softwares cannot handle ALL this info without manually entering it. Perhaps I’m dreaming, but I would like to have all that info transfered via bluetooth or infrared (what my cozmo pump uses) to a format where i can perform some analysis… i.e. graphs, time of day blood sugar patterns etc.

I’m not a mac user now, but I grew up in a mac home and that was the natural for me. I learned Windows when I went to college… and mac was a little out of my price range when I purchased the last computer… but someday I hope to switch back!!

Hi Joe
I was just brain storming yesterday about my Iphone and if it could control my Omnipod
how cool that would be. With the release of the mac SDK for the Iphone recently anything is possible.The simplicity of programming for the mac platform and the relatively simple programs that pumps operate on could be made much better by the powerful resources of the iphone x code. I don’t have much code writing experience but am interested in brainstorming with you.


I’ve been really thinking about the OminPod, and I (personally) am not sure if it’s possible to interface with this device. My nephew was just put on an OmniPod (after an Animus problem), and my son’s Endocrinologist just doesn’t like it. Since it’s a device that doesn’t (necessarily) interface like a “normal” type of pump, I’m afraid it wouldn’t work as well as the other pumps available.


If anyone would like to do some research on the OmniPod to determine if it would work like the other devices, we’d be pleased for you to help us.

I appreciate all of your responses, and I believe that we are only a few months away from an application that will benefit both the user AND the health professional. As long as you can keep throwing us ideas, we’ll be able to incorporate whatever you want into our program. We want to create both an iPhone AND an OS X application, which will benefit both you and your doctor. Once that is available, we hope that all of those “naysayers” will finally look our direction.

Thank you SO much for you input!!!


Can you develop something for a Blackberry PDA as well? Just wondering…

I would love to contribute something even though my programming skills are limited. I’ve only done very simple things in VBA and AppleScript.

One idea that I’ve submitted to the DiabetesMine Design Challenge is the Meter+iPod idea in which data from my meter/pump/CGMS is wirelessly uploaded to my iPod - similar to the Nike+iPod concept where running data is wirelessly uploaded to an iPod from a Nike running show with an implanted chip.

Since many of us carry an iPod anyway, wouldn’t it be useful to just look at it to see all our collected data at once in chart or graph form? That way we wouldn’t have to wait to get to our Macs to upload data (usually via some virtualization program) and manipulate a proprietary program in order to visualize or print a week/2 weeks/month worth of data.

Where do I sign up? When do I start?


Hey, Terry. We’re putting together a team right now to see how everyone interfaces. If you’re (seriously) interested, I can send you an invitation to be a member of our development team. You will have link to download the iPhone SDK (software development kit) and links to reference material. One thing, though, you have to be developing on a Mac … I hope that’s okay.

Let me know if I can answer any questions and if you want an “invite”. Also, to anyone who will be able to contribute to the program (i.e., opinions, ideas, etc.), please feel free to email me directly. I look forward to working on this and know that the final outcome will be something worthwhile.


Hi Joe,
I am trying to reach you with a person who is very interested. and would like to e-mail you directly, but do not have your e-mail address. I left mine for you on your personal page so that you could reach me. I hope to hear from you soon and will be very interested to see how things work out.

Joe - I’m slowly but steadily moving over to an all-Mac household and will complete the transition w/ my iPhone purchase this summer. My biggest pet peeve w/ all of this has been that I am completely reliant on Windows software to get any data from my pump and meter. I really don’t want to install IE on my Mac (do they even make a Mac version of IE?) and would love to download to my iPhone (or at least my computer) to analyze my numbers. I have been a Windows/C++ programmer all my life, but am currently getting familiar with Java so I can switch work computers to Linux and Mac machines. It’s slow going, but I would love to join in on any effort to Mac-out my diabetes management. Drop a note on my page to let me know where things currently stand.

Oh if someone could make my pump link to my mac I would be so happy!
My Dr. freaks out on me everytime I go in the office asking where my readings are. I have been on a mac since I was diagnosed so aparently there is some great software out there for my pump… who knew??

I’m a Mac user and just getting ready to go on the Animas pump. It would be wonderful to have something to work with my Mac. I have a MacBook with the Intel duo processor, so for right now, I’m going to install Parallels so I can have my pump talk to the Windows side of my Mac.

One of the best freeware programs I found for tracking BG readings is Diabetes Logbook X.

Anything you could come up with would be wonderful.

Hey Joseph
I’m a software developer but I just starting doing Mac/iPhone development. I’m still learning XCode so I might not be that useful. However, I am very interested to work on iPhone apps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, whether you’re an expert, or not. We’re developing a proposal to the iFund and hope to be able to get the Venture Capital funding to do what we really want to do. We’re currently working with Vanderbilt University Medical Center to develop an application for better management of Pediatric Diabetics. We hope to begin development in July; with Venture Capital funding, I’d be able to hire some people who know a LOT more than me …

If you’re interested in what we’re doing at Vanderbilt, feel free to email me. I think my email address is on my profile page; if not, leave me a message with your email address.



Please put me on the list. I use a Mac at home and I’ll soon have an iPhone (fingers crossed).

If I can’t program, I can test and sling ideas around.


I would GLADLY pay for an iphone app!!!

I would love to help! I did a google search for “iphone carelink” hoping to find something just like this. I have played around with some jiggy programing on the iphone but i’m not much of a developer. I do love computers and figuring out HOW to program.

Personally, what I want most is for my macbook and/or iphone to talk to my paradigm pump. Similarly to the way the carelink software does this…downloading everything, sensor data, meter bg numbers, boluses, carbs.

If ANYTHING like this came out I think I would faint. My computer and iphone are such an integral part of my life it drives me insane to only be able to do this on windows (and on Internet Explorer at that!!)

Keep me posted, i’ll pm you with my email address