Machine at doctor's office unable to test my HBA1C

Has this ever happened to anyone? My doctor usually checks my Hba1c at his office. He pricks my finger, and after 10 minutes, he gets a result. However at my last trip , he wasnt able to get a result. He tried again, and it still didnt work. He sent me to a lab to get it done.

The lab took my blood and my Hba1c was 5.5 (great!) and my CBC was normal.

How come my doctor couldnt get a reading at his office? He was baffled.

Just ran across this post - Study: A1c Now Test is Crap and So Are Many Doctor Office A1c Tests

Machinery? I am guessing his m achine wasn’t working properly, or something was out of whack. I don’t think it was you…
That’s a great A1C…I should hope to be as good.

The National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) has set mediocre standards for HbA1c testing cause even the real labs did not follow a calibration standard and were troublesome. The plan had been to have labs be within +/-12% by 2009 and with in +/-8% by 2010. That is still totally cr*ppy. I mean with an 8% variation if you measured 6.5%, you either be 6% or 7%. The A1cNow is claimed to have passed NGSP certification. This study showed that only two point of care instruments were able to pass the NGSP criteria. All this is complaining about the error in readings, not about whether they were able to read or not. It is just as likely that your doctors instrument was dirty or something.

I just think it is important that people know that when they go get an HbA1c and find that their HbA1c went up or down 0.2% that is totally meaningless. If you want to jump up and down in happiness and pout all day, be my guest, but that realize that you are probably getting yourself worked up about sunspots, not anything real.