Use the A1c NOW? Is it accurate?

Considering using Bayer’s home test kit…wondering if others are using it and if it is as accurate as your doc’s lab?

I get an A1C done every time I see the doctor. I see the doctor once every three months. I am not going to pay extra for something that my doctor already does for me.

I use it, and used it while I had poor insurance. All fixed nw, and the Bayer A1C Now correlates to my Pump uploads. Sensor/Meter average say would be 148. A1c Now test says I’m at 7.6%.

I do get lab tests, of course, but the A1C now helps me to see if I have a problem. Used it 3 times so far, and like it. I will take it to the lab when I go again, do one as they take my blood draw for the ‘normal’ A1C. I have a feeling it’ll be pretty darn close.

I’ve used it once- a few years ago while I was changing insurances. It was pretty accurate.

My lab draw was 7.4% A1C Now was 7.3%. close enough for me! Love the newer home kits!

I purchased the kit once and tried the 2 tests it came with at 2 different times. The only thing I didn’t do (foolishly) was use it at a time when I could compare to a lab result. The first test result was 7.4 and 2 weeks later my a1c at the endo was 8.3. Not sure if accuracy was the problem but I wasn’t expecting such a drastic difference in just 2 weeks. I’d be willing to try it again … I’ve been hearing good things about it.

Just sent one off (the Walmart/Heritage lab = 9.99/test; results in 3-5 days) and will be comparing lab. Will let you know how it goes:)

Thanks for sharing…sounds pretty accurate per your sample! Did you do it on the same day as the lab blood draw? I just sent mine off and will have a draw next Monday a.m. So…we will see:)

How much do they run and which brand do you recommend?

I wish I could recommend one…I just tried the mail off type and they are the cheapest. You can get HgA1c NOW (Bayer) at online pharmacies for about $30 for 2 tests…or $125 for 10 tests. Try looking on Ebay as well…from a pharmacy or someone reputable. I am not certain how accurate the different types are so, I am going to try to compare to my lab and then make the decision. I pay 20% of all labs…so, cheaper and more accessible if I can find an accurate home version.

Guess I’ll just stick to my labs every 3 months, that’s how long red blood cells live anyway on average. Seems the best way to go since I’m lucky that I have insurance that pays 100% right now.

Well…just saw the link to my lab results in my inbox! My HgA1c came back 5.9% from Heritage Lab!! How exciting:) I have been following a low CHO (30g/d) pretty closely for about 2 months. I also suspected celiac so decided to eliminate gluten as well. I have been experiencing almost normal, stable blood sugars per my frequent (12+) finger sticks on my FreeStyle Freedom and WaveSense Presto meters. Just hooked up to MM CGMS 2 days ago and it confirms the same. I suspected I would be below 6% this time…and good to see the first signs that I am…I will be comparing to lab draw on Monday. Will get back w/ you guys to let you know how similar/dissimilar the readings are then.