Major yay-ness!

part of the crazy diagnosis drama i went through was having surgery to remove infectious tissues on my abdomen and groin. yes, it was crazy, excruciating and all in all a not very pleasant experience.

anyway i had a checkup at the surgeon’s clinic today. there was just one wound that hadn’t recovered when i left - the very deepest one. he did say it would take a while, and guess what, he pronounced it fully alright today. which means no more of those weird dressings. woohoo!

i can’t describe how glad i am right now. i do feel way better AND it also means one less doctor to see. i’m left with the good old endocrinologist (and what would we do without our respective endos?) and the neurologist who’s checking up on my ankle in a couple of months.

another part of this diabetes drama is over. phew.

what’s left to accomplish is to be good to myself, slowly increase the amount of exercise i do, eat all the right foods and make sure i take the correct amounts of insulin at the correct times, and treat myself every now and then. an everyday affair for all of us, i’m sure…

and speaking of treats, i am so looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend. tomorrow’s a hairdresser date with a good girl friend, plus lunch and shopping afterward. and this weekend a friend who’s just home from melbourne invited me (and my whole gang of buddies) to his place for potluck. my contribution’s a diabetic-friendly, heart healthy salad! (:

things might be looking up after all!

yep the potlucks get weird. "what are you bringing? " “um… carrots??” lol I have good friends who doent look at me weird for bringing a veggie dish to a potluck.