Great news from the diabetic clinic today

went to my 1st diabetic clinic appointment, and everyone was delighted that i had done so well, i lost over a stone, my blood pressure is normal, my urine sample was good also, iam eating healthy and doing exercise, the one thing the diettision said was make sure i don't get carried away with eating to much fruit as they have sugar in it also, i no its good sugar but to much of it is bad,

Congrats on your good news. It's nice to know that the hard work pays off. I am happy the clinic staff is pleased with your progress, but the big question is more how do you feel ?

thanks for your reply claire, thanks for your kind remarks, i feel a hell of alot better, my clothes even feel looser and everything, heading on hoildays next month going to treat myself with smaller size clothes, i didnt even need weight watchers or any slimming club to loose the weight so far, iam try to keep it up cos i have alot more energy than i had 3 months ago. cheers diana