Making Payments For Omnipod

I got my information for the Omnipod last fall. I talked to my insurance company, BCBS of Alabama. They don’t pay much so most of it is left up to me. About $800. So the folks at Omnipod called me and
we talked and I decided I could not afford the pump. So long, bye, have a nice life. So this past February they called me back. Asked if I still wanted the pump. I said I did but still couldn’t afford it. So she said she would work at a deal for me to pay monthly. Reasonable rates. I said okay that’ll work.

So they sent me the pump and I started using it, loved it. Made a few payments like we agreed. Got a call today saying they want entire amount. I blew up. I reminded them of the agreement and they said sorry no agreement pay it all. One lump sum. I blew up more said I would send it back. She said I was past the send back date. I said bad words to her.

She put me on hold, talked with the woman I originally talked to, came back and said they would go by my agreement. I hissed at her and said bye.

They tried to bully me into paying but I was not going to do it. I was going to go by the agreement I had with them. She tried to act like we had never set up one.

I am still mad.

That is terrible…as if you need more stress! Good thing you didn’t cave!

Originally my Ins Co told me I would be covered…Nine months later , after fighting to get paid, I was told" sorry, we made a mistake, Medicare won’t cover this so neither will we"…

That is terrible!! On two fronts. BCBS needs to understand that this will immensely improve your quality of life and prevent or slow down other problems that will cost them more in the long run. It’s amazing how people in the same company with the technology we have can’t read or communicate in the beginning. Way to fight it out

Did you get the agreement in writing? I know you were eager to get the Pod, but I never venture into any kind of a long-term “agreement” without having that piece of paper as a legal contract or agreement. That way if they try to pull the kind of garbage they just tried with you, you have a signed agreement to back you up legally. I am glad that you stood up for your rights, although sorry that you had to undergo the stress of it all just to get back to your original agreement.

Way to go.,Ronny! Kick ■■■, take names! I also agree with Sherry, anything an INsurance co. rep or an Insulet rep tells me, I instantly ask them to fax the agreement to me or email it immediately…but you did good! Nice work!

I think their billing work is outsourced…bad choice of companies for them, whoever it is! I have this opinion b/c I was once sent a bill for $600 after I had been on the pod for a couple years, I called them and asked what the bill was all about, and they told me I couldnt get an answer at the insulet number and someone would call me in a few hours, days later, i heard from someone who told me he was not an Insulet employee.

Sorry this happened to you! That does not sound fun. My two cents, for what it’s worth: get this agreement (that you agreed to today with them on the phone) in writing ASAP and get the names of all the people with whom you spoke (for reference, just in case). Otherwise you have no ground to stop it from happening again unfortunately.

I am also sorry you had to go ‘toe to toe’ with Insulet. Sometimes I think it depends on who you talk to in their customer service department - what kind of information you get. As you know from my posts elsewhere on this forum, I have my own issues with Insulet. I’m now required to pay out of pocket for each month’s supply of pods because Medicare will not cover it.

Insulet knows this and I honestly think they don’t care. They have new, younger customers signing up every day, why should they care about someone like me who just turned 65. But if I were you, I would definitely defend my right to go by the original agreement with you. Is there anyone who can verify that they heard you make this original agreement…like maybe a friend who was standing in the room where you made the phone call? Good Luck in your dealings with them. No one needs this kind of stress.

Yes someone was with me when the original offer was made. When I was on the phone with the lady who told me I had to pay the entire amount, I informed her that someone there told me I didn’t have to pay it all at once. She said they don’t do that type of payment. I told her it was someone with a very heavy Australian or English accent and she knew exactly who I was refering to. I had the woman’s name written down but this phone call caught me off guard so I didn’t have it in hand. She asked me if it was (insert name of woman) and I said yes that was her. She put me on hold, came back and said she verified what I said was true.

She also told me at the end of the year they would also give me the same payment plan again instead of a lump sum payment. I don’t know what happened while she had me on hold but her entire attitude changed for the better when she came back.

This situation is why I ended up going with Dexcom, not Abott… Abott wanted it all upfront, no deals, nothing…
Dexcom offered to split it AND discounted the sensors for self pay… Woulda liked to have spread the “kit” a little more thinly on the payments (it was only a 2 and 3 payment option but it was in writing, pretty much document emailed to read, filled out, signed, faxed, and done)

That would irritate me… esp after you already used it… so you had an expectation of how things were told were going to work… Insulet snagged you as a custmer as a result of this agreemenet, to rescend it and demand payment immediately is sheer stupidity…

Where do you get your Dexcom sensirs at a discount? I have yet to find a discount for self pay even from Dexcom.