Anyone having billing problems with Insulet Corp.?

Wearing my Omnipod, and benefiting from the freedom and control it gives me, is a joy most days. Unfortunately, dealing with Insulet's billing department is not so pleasant. Is anyone else experiencing problems with Insulet's billing department while trying to reconcile your account?

Here's my experience so far: I've been an Omnipod user since April 2008. Insulet is extremely slow in billing their customers - I didn't receive my first bill from Omnipod until January 2009, and that bill was only for the co-payment on my PDM and initial 3-month pod order, placed in April 2008. In August 2009, after receiving an "account statement" not an "invoice" from Insulet and several EOBs from my insurance provider, I sent a payment of approximately $1300 to pay what I thought was the total outstanding balance on literally a year's worth of pod orders. Then, last month, I received an phone call from Insulet - an automated message - asking me to call the billing department. I immediately called them, and the billing representative told me my account was overdue, that I owed a balance of $646.20, and that future pod orders might be affected if I didn't pay asap. After spending a good deal of time on the phone talking to the billing representative about my account, going over each pod shipment in detail, what my insurance has paid, and how Insulet applied my previous payments, we discovered there was a payment from my insurance company that Insulet had not applied to my account. The rep said she would research this payment and call me back. I also asked for an itemized invoice detailing what we spoke about, which the rep said she would fax to me. It's been over a month, and I haven't heard from the rep or received the itemized invoice. Of course, I have tried to follow up, leaving messages on the representative's voice mail, but still nothing. Just this morning, I talked with my regional Omnipod sales representative, who advised me to contact the billing supervisor. So, that phone call will be this afternoon... we'll see what happens, I guess.

From a consumer's viewpoint, I love Omnipod's product, but trying to manage my account with them is such a hassle!

I didn’t mean to worry anyone or be the bearer of bad news, but there it is. Just be warned, I guess.

As far as 100% coverage, I believe that is up to your insurance plan. The specifics of my plan for pods, which are considered “durable medical equipment,” are that I must first meet a $500 deductible, and then pods are covered at 80%. In addition, there is a negotiated 50% discount on pod orders (negotiated between my insurance provider and Insulet). So, a supply of 30 pods that has a retail cost of $1350 (which has steadily risen, btw, over the last 2 years), result in an out of pocket cost of $135 for me, after meeting my deductible.

This sucks, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I also have issue with Insulet for not sending invoices. They seriously need to get a better billing system - and it would be really nice if they had a website that I could log into to check invoice/payment status and such - sort of like an online bank. For a company with such a revolutionary product, their accounting operations are in the dark ages.

Your cost at MiniMed was cheaper because the cost of the pump is several thousand dollars up front, and then less monthly. At Insulet it’s only a few hundred dollars up front, and then more monthly. Think of it this way: For MiniMed you pay CASH up front, while at Insulet you pay in installments. After 3-4 years, the total cost is roughly the same.

I wasn’t even aware that Insulet even dealt with patients involving the actual shipping of pods, other then the replacement of defective pods. I began 'Omnipoding" in Dec. of '09 and was hooked up with a third party supplier “Neighborhood Diabetes”, They supplied my starter kit and first three months of pods, billed my insurance and collected my co-pay. My insurance carrier is B/C Horizon out of New Jersey. My prescription benefits are provided by Medco Health. Near the end of my first three months of pods I happened to be on Medco’s site checking on some script refills. Just out of curiousity I typed Omnipod in the “drug search” box and lo and behold Omnipods showed up as a covered drug. I clicked on “price this medication” and found that my cost was $137.50 for a three month supply, $550.00 for the year. This was cheaper then Neighborhood Diabetes. And now I’m set up for auto refills with Medco, I was pleased.

I get 100% coverage after a $250 annual deductable. For my initial PDM and pod order and my pod reorder last year, I was 100% covered because I had already met the deductable. I thought I was going to have to hand over the first $250 on my first order this year, but my wife and daughter had already met the combined family deductable, so I lucked out.

I have never had to deal with the billing department. They handled everything directly with my insurance company.


My insurance pays 100% for my OmniPod equipment. I made sure of that with my insurance company before I started using it. No way could I pay for it with all my other medical bills.

I had the same issue with delayed billing. I called them and they agreed to send my bills in a more timely manner and to let me pay out the balance monthly without it affecting any future pod shipments. So far it has worked out with no problem.

I use Medco which is provided through United Health Care and my out of pocket is very minimal.

Interesting… I will have to check with Express Scripts (my designated prescription plan) to see if they might cover pod reorders. I saw that some of you have United Health/Medco or 100% coverage - that rocks. I miss the days of having a good insurance plan!

I hate their delayed billing system. I called today because I JUST received an invoice for a shipment four months ago and wanted to pay that bill. But when I called, they wanted payment for the most recent shipment, too, despite not having billed me yet. I understand that they have to wait for insurance payments, but other medical companies can manage to update their systems faster. I’d like to know that my invoices reflect my most current acct info.

I did not get my first bill for a year either. They have been gracious and let me pay on the balance.

Are we seeing a pattern here? It looks like Insulet bills the insurance companies on a timely basis, but doesn’t do so well billing individuals. My last 3 month supply was shipped 3/1/10 and my insurance company paid it 3/8/10.

My insurance co. pays 100% for both my Omnipod and my Dexcom. I called my insurance prior to getting both to make sure they covered them and was told 100% coverage. My endo also wrote a script calling them a medical necessity. That REALLY helped. I have never had any problems with Insulet. (yet!!!)

I don’t have a Dexcom yet. I believe it tests your glucose levels (high and low) and warns you. Is this true and how does it work if I may ask? Is it another unit with wires or just a small device?

Janet, the Dexcom is one of three popular CGMS systems. You can find a lot more info out at either their product website or our group for Dexcom users here. Click either link.

Thank you Melissa, I’ll check it out.

I have been an Omni pod user since april of 2008 the only billed I received from them was for the remainder of the payment for the pdm. I have B/C of New Jersey as well and
Omnipod told me that B/C would pay 80% but B/C kept rejecting the claims
and Omnipod filed an appeal. They told Omnipod I should be going to Medco
but the rep from omnipod said they wrent available from Medco.
Now I have a bill for 7750. for 2 years worth of pods and I have to fill out forms to get
the money from Medco and then get a new script from my doctor to submit to Medco
to start getting my pods from them. I told the rep from Omnipod why did you wait so long before you contacted me abou this? Also who ever uses Medco do you have any problems with getting more if your running low? They usually send me a 90 supply with my other prescriptions and they will not sent out your prescriptions before its time
no matter how low you are…

I have 100% coverage on my plan Spooky. That said, my insurance screws the billing up each time I get a shipment! In the beginning, they covered properly, but now each time I have to call my insurance and insulet and go through the rigamarole etc etc. So, even with 100% coverage, it can still be a pain :slight_smile: