Market for new pump

Hey Everyone,

I'm currently looking at updating my insulin pump, but there are some many to choose from. I've had a MiniMed about 6 years ago and now have animas. I'm not crazy about one or the other and truly do not know much about any other brands.

Looking for some reviews and advise on which way to go.

Thanks in advance :)

Here's a good analysis/comparison of the major brands

I use the Accu-chek Combo and I really like it.

Thanks!! Have you used any other brands?

I looked at all the pumps when I was buying mine recently and I went with the Tandem t:slim pump. I've been using it for several months and I absolutely love it. It's the smallest pump out there, yet has the biggest insulin resivour. And the screen has a wealth of information which is all available on the main screen. Great pump!

The Combo has a 315 unit reservoir.

I've used their pumps for 25 years. I originally went with them because at the time, theirs were waterproof, and also they gave you a second pump to use as a backup. I feel you really need to have a backup pump. stuff happens....

This is an awesome comparison. However, i recently heard somebody saying that it is slightly outdated, especially the pod section (pod has gotten smaller).
However, to get an overview over the options that you have, it is awesome.
Personally, i have been pumping on a medtronic for over 8 years, always been content with it. last fall i tried out the pod for a month, but went back by choice. the pod was at that point just not for me.
If you have an idea what pump you wanna take, be sure to try it out for a bit, so you make sure you make the right choice.

Another satisfied t:slimer here.

Liking where they are headed with their participation in the Becon Hill trials for artificial pancreas, and collaboration with dexcom.

Also have a dual chamber pump in the works for use with liquid stable glucagon.


Not saying this is going to be available tomorrow, but liking the time line for a future pump before I retire.

Thanks everyone! I guess every pump has its pros and cons-- Mini med is a slow delivery and Animas has no back up arrow in the menus so if you pass it up you have to go all the way around or escape and start off.

The idea of the glucagon pump excites me and scares me!

Take a look at the various diatribe articles on the becon hill project.

They used a dex g4, two tslims and an iPhone as controller. One pump for rapid insulin, one pump for glucagon, dex g4 to detect BS levels and the iPhone to run the algorithms and tell which pump to dispense, depending on BG levels. Patients young and old did not want to give it back even though it ment daily site change for the current powder/reconstituted glucogon, and ment carrying two pumps, a g4 and an iPhone.

Eventually it will all be integrated into one device. They are going for the whole ball of wax. Not just a low shut down with an inaccuate for many cgm.
The new stable liquid glucagon trials are one of the pieces of the puzzle. The dual pump is another part, as is the dex integration. And the current tslims have enough computing chip power to run the algorithms.

Like I said glad I'm in the pipeline!

I just upgraded to the T:slim and I'd have to say I've never had a better pump or tighter control. I have used the Medtronic Paradigm then the OneTouch Ping and I had issues with air being caught in the line and resivoire. With the T:Slim I don't have that problem anymore, I know that I always have good insulin in my line so I can run below 20 units and know that it's not affected by air. I just can't stress getting the T:Slim enough.

I just started with the Accu-Check Combo. Wow do I like it. The whole experience from purchase through training could not have been better. The pump is rugged and easy to use and the 315 cartridge is great. I can change infusion site and cartridge at the same time.

I've been in the upgrade stage for a while comparing all the different pumps and have meticulously researched many of them. I've been with Medtronic for 16 years (since the very beginning). I currently am using their Paradigm pump. I think they are a terrific company and make a great product. I did, however, decide today, that I am going to go with the Omnipod. Every pump has advantages and disadvantages. For me, it came down to tubing. I've been connected to a tube for 16 years and wanted to disconnect myself for a while. But even more important than my new insulin pump is my new Dexcom G4. I absolutely love this device. It is accurate, comfortable to wear, and easy to use. I don't know where I'd be without a CGM. Every pump user should have one. They really do go hand in hand when used correctly.

After I was given the choices of pumps that were covered by my insurance, I picked the two that had the largest reservoirs. After that the deciding factor was that the one I picked has bluetooth communication between pump and meter so I can bolus from the meter and don't have to take pump out every time I eat.

I guess I'm a geek but I would personally not go with a Bluetooth connect to control my pump. Have seen hackers demonstrate how easy it is to hack your pump and change your programs, modify your dosing, give unwanted doses etc via a remote Bluetooth connection.

Not saying it will happen but if the pump manufacturers can't prove it has safeguards embeded in the programing than I will not be going there any time soon.

For anyone interested google insulin pump hacks.

i use both Onetouch Ping and Dexcom G4 but hate the idea of carrying 2 cases and having my body punched in 2 places. What about if the CGM and pump are combined. I also found out that after using the CGM for 1 year, i do get same control without it- that may stem from habit formed while regularly using the G4

which did u choose?

Has anyone here changed from Onetouch to the t:slim. I use Onetouch, satisfied but wont mind changing.