Insulin pumps

hello - I was just told I would need to go on an insulin pump -i am type 2 for 15 years - there are so many out there - i am very confused about which one to choose - any suggestions?

I personally do not feel there really is a bad choice. It depends on many factors. Do you want one with or without a tube? How many units will you be using a day? Are you interested in CGMS? Do you want waterproof?
The main companies out there are:
Medtronic with their Revel system (Integrated CGMS)- also have a large resevoir for people who use >50--70 units/day
OmniPod (tubeless)
Animas Ping (waterproof)
Accu-Chek Spirit- large resevoir- I personally feel they are a bit behind in technology but they are on the cusp of being up to date on technology and their current storyline is that anyone getting the current pump will get a FREE upgrade when the new technology comes out.

I would suggest checking out each of the groups on Tu dedicated to users who have these products and reading up a bit on their websites. Once you have whittled down what you want ask to talk with the local reps and actually hold and mess with the pumps. It may take a bit to do this all but it is a 4 year commitment and (depending on insurance) an awful lot of $.

This site has a chart comparing the features of 6 pumps. You may be able to do some elimination with the information, the further explore the remaining ones.

I love my Animas Ping.

Except there is no more Cozmo (much to the disappointment of many.......:-(.

I am type 2 (8yrs) and I just recently went on a pump. I chose the medtronic revel and will admit I do not know much about the others. I chose the medtronic for a number of reasons:
I needed a large reservoir. I am on u500 highly concentrated insulin due to severe insulin resistance and I was taking up to 500 units a day on regular fast acting insulin plus another 200 units of long acting lantus. I am now taking around 40-50 units a day on u500 and the medtronic (minimed paradigm revel) has a 300 unit reservoir.
I liked the integrated real time continuous glucose monitoring system
I didn't like the idea of being tubeless in case I didnt want to wear a pump directly on my body
Being new to pumping, I wanted something I felt I had the most options with and medtronic dealt with my insurance company directly saving me from having to deal with a DME (durable medical equipment supplier).
I must say that that pump education supplied by medtronic is outstanding. I also love the carelink software that allows me to link to my computer and my docs computer.
My endo is a type I and she uses an omnipod.

I use the accu check combo and I am loving it.. This is the replacement of the spirit and it was released in 2009...

Has a remote and is much like the ping. I could have also got the animas vibe with built in dexcom ability, but I don't think the technology is quite there yet, sensors are expensive and I everyone I know who uses one says they are unreliable.

I just finger prick 12 times a day, I imagine if I had a dexcom I would over correct and it would just serve to increase my health anxiety.

Plus I don't want the sensors to increase my chance of scarring and over the long term and would rather save my sites for infusion sets.


I have tried a few pumps and have come to really like the omnipod its really easy to use, if I had to go back to a pump with tubes I would go with Animas just because its a lot more smaller than medtronic, so easier to hide and in my opinion less painful than medtronic, its really up to you and your needs. I tried the medtronic with the integrated cgms and I have to say it was very painful to insert the sensor for the cgm.. Good luck :)