Massage therapy for pump users

I never started a blog before and always log on to see what everyone else is Blogging about. I was having a lot of trouble with my sites (still am). I started working with a massage therapist specifically for the tissue I used most on my stomach. I noticed the skin was softer and my sites had less pain when I was pulling in a new set. I think it is helping break up the scaring just under the skin. I could be wrong but I worry about keeping fresh tissue for the best absorption. Does anyone else use a technique for keeping the skin healthy (other than rotating the best you can)?

I believe that massage will help any time you increase circulation to an area it will heal faster. I think it will also help with the lumps under the skin. I just changed to a pod and need a little more insulin but think it scars less.
I started rubbing young living essential oils on my skin to promote rapid healing as well. I stopped paying someone to do it and do it myself. Other people don't seem to care about being proactive about it which baffles me!

I've often thought that ultrasound massage might work on breaking up scar tissue. You can now get a range of ultrasonic massagers on Amazon (although not the professional ones). If you have ever had physical therapy, they have probably used this technique on you. Has anyone tried this technique?

I just went back to MDI for this very reason. I had an Animas. I tried the Pod but my numbers seemed to run really high. I've been on shots now for 3 weeks and so far my numbers have been much better, I still have some adjusting to do though. Please post if you have success with anything. Thanks!

Seems logical.

I have a large amount of scar tissue on my shoulder following a full dermis removal. I was advised by the surgeon to massage the area daily to help breakdown the tissue and reduce scarring.

I believe massaging of scar tissue at the early stages breaks down collagen and hard tissue build up.

Two and one half years ago I developed erratic site absorption. I've been on pump therapy continuously since 1987 and used my abdomen almost exclusively. Some sites worked well but then others caused my BGs to go high.

I did two things that I think made a big improvement in my site absorption. I experimented with other infusion sets. I had been using the Inset 30 angled sets for several years. I tried the Inset 90 degree sets, both the 6mm and 8mm depths. I also tried the Contact Detach steel sets. I finally chose the Inset 6mm infusion set.

In addition to changing my infusion set, I also started using a loofa sponge on my abdomen when I shower. It turns my skin red, a signal of blood flow. I don't get overly aggressive with the loofa.

Since I've had great luck with site absorption after I made these two changes, I concluded that they worked.

Yes I have done this too. I also notice I can use 6mm in side (love handles),arms but on Butt need 9 mm. Unfortunately with the pod your SOL! It's 6.5 on 45 degree angle. Which is why I am thinking you just need a little ore insulin to get the job done.

I was also thinking of using red light therapy... like the ones you can buy for wrinkles. And hey while I'm at it use it on my face! :)

Ali, would you share some specifics? I.e., what oils, etc. you use, massage technique, timing (immediately after removing a site, or wait until it heals partially/fully first?)

I'm very partial to the back of my arms for my pods, and have been using them there pretty much exclusively for the last 9 months. So far no problems, except one bad day last week where I went through 3 pods in a few hours, 2 occlusions and 1 pod error. I'm chalking it up to other issues than scarred tissue, but like everyone else, I'd like to preserve the viability of those locales as long as possible.

I use my thighs now and then, but for some reason the injury always seems worse, takes longer to heal. Back of my arms is healed up within 2 days usually.

The loofa sponge I use is probably the hard scratchy kind. It does feel a little softer when wet.

I found the angled cannula of the Omnipod did not work for me regarding site absorption. I stopped a five month trial of the Omnipod due to site absorption problems. It didn't happen with every pod, just often enough to seriously degrade my BG control.

I think that doing it RIGHT after might cause a low BS in case there is still insulin in the site it will enter the system and drop BS. I usually do it on a regular practice during morning shower and motorization. I just really work the tissue I regularly infuse into. I also use therapeutic grade essential oils to help promote healing and get rid of any inflammation if any. I can go on for days about the oils. You can treat basically ANYTHING! I use Young Living oils. There are several that you can use but lavender will do the trick and soften the skin. If you were interested in them I can assist in creating your account. You need an enroller number to create an your membership. But we can talk in depth about it more if you like maybe on web cams or phone.

I have been a Type 1 D for 32 years, In the 1980's I became a Massage Therapist to help friends who are HIV+, as time went on I had many Diabetics as clients. Massage helps relieve stress as well as improve circulation. Oddly enough I massage olive oil into my skin after bathing, it really helps the skin to stay soft. Many Doctors don't understand how the simple things in life can really help a Diabetic live a long & Healthy life.

So true David I'm a yoga teacher and feel the same. I do warm oil massage as way to detox but it's enlivens me. I used to live so scattered and detached but diabetes has given me so much in other ways.