MDI and on board insulin production

Does on board insulin production give much help when on mulyiple daily injections of insulin? I have always thought that as a T2 on insulin I have an advantage over T1's that have no natural insulin production left. I feel that my own insulin production, what little there might be, rises and falls with my BG levels helping to smooth out my control.

What's your take on this?

There are clearly multiple types of Type 2. Aside from insulin resistance, I think there's also glucose insensitivity. When I was taking orals, I found that, for instance Amaryl, allowed my BG to spike like mad, then came crashing down FAST -- resulting in a massive, debilitating headache for me (and why I had to stop that one...) That seems to me to mean that I had a late insulin response, causing the spike. So my answer is that yes, my insulin helps - but not when I need it. I suppose if I had a meal mixed with slow and fast carbs, the late insulin response may help level off the late ones after the fast-acting injected insulin begins to fade (which is probably why I can manage to eat pizza sometimes without a spike...)

They did a c-peptide test on me, checking for LADA (which they ruled out), but they did it wrong. I really want it repeated both fasting and after intentionally raising BG to provide some real useful information.