MDI injection rotatation suggestions. Pls Help

Hello I started MDI over a month ago. I am having issues keeping track of where to inject my rapid acting insulin. Can you guys give me tips or tricks on where and ideas on how to rotate the injections. Currently trying to keep bolus injections on stomach and basal on my thighs.

I basically use every available piece of real estate I can reach that has some fat, so thighs, sides, upper arms, abdomen and buttocks. I would start at the top and work my way down and when I get to the last area just start again from the top.

If you are on MDI I don’t personally think you can limit the areas that you use because you will start getting damage pretty quickly if you do.

Some time ago I saw some tiny tattoos called Tartoos to help you rotate properly. After each injection you would wipe out the tiny star and so forth.



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The above injection strategy is just a suggestion. You can improve on it. The key is NOT TO INJECT ON THE SAME SPOT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Me, I try not to hit the same spot for at least 1-2 months. It is always a challenge due to limited real estate. I focus on 1 area at a time, so by the time I rotate through all possible areas, it will be 1-2 months or more have passed.

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Wow, you guys pay a lot more attention to this than I do. I am a small person, so don’t have a great deal of body fat to choose from. I inject Tresiba into my stomach and my thighs and humalog goes into my hips,butt, or lower thigh areas. I don’t switch sites very often. I also reuse needles which I guess is frowned upon. I almost always inject through my clothes.

With 60 yrs of doing this, my skin is not damaged at all although I will get minor bruising once in a while on my arms. I just recently started using my arms, but usually avoid using them as injection sites.

Sorry, just realized that this is an old post.