Me and my mom are oh so very confused. Keytones!

Whats a good number for keytones? I dont understand it, they never taught me how to use them.

A good number for ketones is zero. The most likely explanation for ketones is bg running too high for too long.

I’ve been told that anything over 250 you check for them, but you don’t want to have them at all. If you’ve been running high for a couple of days, you’re more than likely to develop them, but again, you want to avoid them!

You don’t want to have ketones. Don’t use them, lose them:)

Ketones can occur when BG is over 250. You want to drink lots of water, use insulin to bring your numbers done & test a lot. If you’ve over 250, don’t exercise.

Here is a really good link with everything you probably need to know about ketones. Also the joslin site is a great resource for diabetics. Good luck with finding the information that you need :slight_smile:

presence of ketones in diabetics, especially in large amount, are indicative of diabetic ketoacidosis resulting from a high blood glucose over a period of time…Ketosis or presence of ketones in the circulation can also be a result of prolonged starvation. With extremely high level of ketones in the blood, can disrupt the acid-base balance in the body where the blood ph becomes too acidic, which is fatal.

You don’t USE them … you LOSE THEM!!! And – as far as I know [understand] Type 2s don’t get KETONES. I think!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

My endo told me that for a type 2 to develop ketones is extremely rare and only in the case of extreme illness/ stress/ uncontrolled BS. I asked when she told me to check anytime I was over 250 and I mentioned that my father, a type 2, is often over 250 in the morning should he check and that’s when she told me.

Basically DKA without the K?

well long time ago I used to use them, but after 15yrs I’m still stable and without complications, if U don’t get to know how to use them, don’t worry.

read the bottle on the ketostrips. it will tell you how to read the strip. then make sure you have no ketones in your system.

Ketones are like acetone, which is fingernail polish remover. Understandably, having this chemical in your blood will make you very, very sick. Nausea, vomiting, splitting headache, etc.

It is a sign of undiagnosed diabetes, or of not having enough insulin in your bloodstream at that time. Even if you have a flu with vomiting, take your insulin. Always have insulin “on board” your system. Give your long term insulin a couple hours in your system before exercising, even if your blood sugar level is normal.

Learned the hard way,
Good luck! It gets easier with time!

Ketones are actually the body burning muscle for energy instead of glucose for energy. Not really a good thing to have ever, but they do show up when your body is under stress from illness, uncontrolled high blood sugars, infection, etc. My PCP tells me to check anytime over 200, but my goal is to never reach 200 (very unlikely). It is a goal though and that is what every person needs to set for themselves!

A person can sometimes spill ketones in urine on a very low carb diet.

Also, isn’t Keytones a great name for a rock band in which all members have diabetes?!

haha,that’s a band I am definitely gonna listen too,though it’s kind of negative,you know,ketones and DKA aren’t pet names :stuck_out_tongue:
funny though :slight_smile:
so I am a genius ,I never misspelled that :slight_smile:

first,when you have no insulin at all,(that’s why T2D don’t get DKA,they have insulin),your body starves,there is no energy,anything you eat is not used and just goes through,then,body starts breaking muscles and fats,which produces(or in another way,is transformed into its basic substances),you have two problems now,your high BS and your ketones,ketones are acids,they make your blood acidic which is bad,really bad,it affects your vitals and your internal organs,you treat it with insulin AND lots of LIQUIDS,your ketones are supposed to be zero,check for ketones when its over hundred,use the strips that test for ketones in blood,bt not necessarily,(0.1–>0.5)still in the green zone,(over 1-.5)bad,but your main indication of how things are bad is your stomach,whenever you VOMIT,you really are in bad condition,you can’t treat yourself then,call ER.
hope it helps :slight_smile: