Me and my Ping

I got my Ping from the UPS man yesterday and by last night it was up and running. I have to say that it is not as user-friendly as my old CozMore pump, but it wasn’t hard to program. I was disappointed to learn that the EZ Manager software is still not compatible with Windows 7…I mean, come on…W7 has been out for what…? 3 years now? At least 2…hopefully they will fix that soon. I like the remote…being able to keep the pump tucked away. But the display on the pump is hard to read unless it’s light. I wish it was backlit. Other than that, it’s going to work fine…

Surprised to hear pump is not backlit. Have Animas 2020 am considering upgrade but 2020 has backlight and really like that.

I seem to remember someone else posting about the compatability with Windows 7. One person found that it worked just fine. Another found they had to get a driver for the dongle (yes that is what the call it). Just because it says it is not compatible does not mean it won’t work it just means they will not support it if there are problems.

I don’t think they are going to fix the problem because they are coming up with a new software package. This is one of the biggest crtisisms of Animas is their software so I think they have been working on overhauling their software. Congrats on the new Ping and Good Luck!
Oh and as far as the display have you tried messing with the contrast at all? Also they have that button on top that will give different levels of brightness if you push it (I think three different levels)

The meter has a backlight… hold down the ok button for 3 seconds :slight_smile:

I use windows 7 without issue.

OH, thank you all for your replies!! I’ll hold the button down and hope that my computer is compatible with the software. I live in a VERY rural place and being able to e-mail my Dr my BG results is important to me. Thank you so much…!!

thanks for clarifying. I use the back light feature as nightlight when moving around at night and have gotten use to the feature.

I also switched from CosMore to Ping. As someone stated, hold down OK button ~ 3 seconds to backlight. Except for having to say OK to EVERYTHING, I’ve adjusted pretty well.

Oh, and learning to be careful if you start a bolus from the pump vs. the meter - If you bump a button, the bolus stops. I was in a restaurant twice where I stopped the bolus by putting the pump back in my pocked. Didn’t hear the alarm over the background noice. Now I sit and watch it count down…

Sue, just started on mine on Wednesday. I had no problem installing on win 7. Got one message about a vista installer and just clicked yes. I only used EZManager to change the notification sounds. Have been using diasend which I much prefer. You can download the diasend uploader at You need the RF dongle that came in the software package.

You can turn on a backlight on the remote, don’t remember how offhand, sorry, but it’s in the manual. I have no problem reading the pump itself with the bright color screen. Good luck with it!

I to have switched from the CozMore pump, miss that old pump… I do like the ping to a point but as with any kind of change it’s been different but as the cozmore is gone what choice do I have… I’m a swimmer so the ping being waterproof sealed the deal when looking for a new one.

I also have problems with my W7 and the EZ software… And like you read here it’s all very different for everyone, I had an old netbook that runs XP and just loaded it onto that.

But no matter the brand I couldn’t live without my pump, it has made all the difference for me.

I was also using the Cozmo but the bulkyness of having the meter attached got on my nerve so I just snapped it everytime I tested and after awhile that got old too. I liked both. I liked my Cozman and I like my pingpong… ha ha :slight_smile:

I use windows 7 and have been for the past month and half, the dongle came with a software CD, make sure you load it, as the others said about the backlight, go into settings and turn it on and also adjust the delay if necessary, FWIW the new Diasend software is great much easier to use then the EZmanager but I use both as I keep the EZmanager reports for myself and use Diasend for the goon squad at the clinic…

Priceless I know, Simple, and this dude (pumper) will not be going back to MDI!!!

edited to correct a typo!!

I just talked to an Animas pump educator and he told me about the Diasend. Still need the dongle, I guess, so that is coming, along with the EZmanager software. At least I know I’ll be able to use that. I want to be able to send my BGs to my Dr…
Thank you so much, all of you, for all your help and suggestions. I love being able to tuck the pump away and just use the remote!! YAY!!!

Your right about the bulky meter part…but I got to say I’m finding out that the freestyle test trips take way less blood to get a reading.

Also I’m having trouble getting used to the new alarms, you need to knock me over the head sometimes, like if a site goes bad, the cozmo would let me know… with a good understandable alarm “blockage”

But I’m taking baby steps and me and my “pingpong” :slight_smile: are learning to adjust to each other…

Yes, the freestyle strips took way less blood, but that’s not a big deal. There are pros and cons with this pump, but basically, I like it and it will be fine. My warranty is only two years, and since I got the pump so cheap ($200 after trade in) I will see what is out there in two years…

Oh yes the Cozmo alarmed for everything. I ended up turning everything off b/c it got on my nerves to no end. Everytime I turned around it alarmed me. I couldn’t even get a nights sleep. Getting used to new alarms is always difficult. That has been a complaint of mine with every single pump I’ve had. I tuck them away but I’ve gotten used to using the time and date on it too so I look at my pump through out… Have fun getting to know the pump. What color did you go with? I just try having fun anymore and trying not to see it all so serious. :o)

LOL…the first thing I did was put all the alarms on vibrate, and then turned some off. I wanted a blue one, but they were backordered, so they sent me a silver one and I ordered a RED skin for it and the remote…lol…I do like color.
I do like that I can just put this one away and use the remote for everything…so convenient…and unobtrusive!

Hi Sue

I started on my ping on the 4th of March. Right away I installed the ez manager (I also have windows 7, 64bit)) and had no issues. well, ok minor issues lol, but it did work.

have you tried running it in compatibility mode?

Good morning! I had a low this morning, and in my foggy state, I couldn’t ifgure out how to let the pump figure out how many carbs I needed…I checked my BF, and went to both the EZcarb and EXBG screens, but couldn’t figure it out…anyone know how to do this? I loved that my old pump used to do it with one push of a button…(sigh)…

Unless I am misunderstanding you, the Ping doesnt tell how you many carbs to eat for a low…