Meals and bolus injections

When do you bolus? I take my bolus injection just before my meals, or if I’m at a restaurant when my meal arrives.
What about snacks? Do you bolus for everything you eat? I have not done this if my BS is not where I would like I just fore go the snack.
Curious about what other folks are doing with their management.

When possible, I bolus 20-30 minutes before eating. Here is a recent discussion on a related topic. Thought you would be interested to read that as well!

due to having gastroparesis, i bolus as soon as the plate is on the table with a combo bolus. unless the food is liquid and then it’s as soon as i know what it is (usually 10 minutes before)

Hi John,
There are a couple of discussions going on right now about this. I think what it comes down to is the person.
I have to shoot immedaitely after I eat because my metabolism is really slow. This works out very well for me, but may not work out for a person with a faster digestion time. I usually never snack so don’t have to worry about shooting for those. But there have been a number of stressors for me for awhile and I check my blood sugar more often now. If I am too high, I do shoot a correction bolus for that even if it is close to a meal time. Then after I have eaten I go ahed and shoot for whatever I ate. Once again, I think it just comes down to the person and whatever works for you.

Thanks, very helpful wish I would have seen it before posting a simular topic.

Just like Kristin, I try to bolus 30 minutes before I eat. It works great for me…
Even though we all deal with diabetes our bodies are very different:)

I usually try to bolus at least 10-20 minutes prior to my meal…although I think I was instructed for 15-20…I just don’t think about it until I’m ready to eat and when I’m ready to eat I don’t have time to wait…( I work in a restaurant so we eat when we can…often cold food!) So I wait until I know I can inhale my food without interruption…when at home I try to follow the 15-20 min rule~ Like you, when I eat out, I don’t bolus until I get my meal…my CDE actually advised me to do that…food may be late or you just might not like it etc…As for snacks, I was instructed to bolus for anything over 15g carbs, but alot of that for me is also based on my meter reading prior to the snack ;if I’m on the low side I might skip the bolus but if 120+ I will go ahead and bolus… I’m still working on all of this too, but I think I’m FINALLY starting to understand what works for me!

Thanks for all the info, very helpfull