Mean people, what to do about them?

Yes, I think he is dangerous, and could bring his son to be as much.
You can't cure or change him. Your first thought has to be your kid.
Be "lower profile" but not too much: he has to fear you (he looks to fear your judgement already) but not feel in danger, otherwise he could react.
Keep a distance to him and his son, as far as you and your kid can.

Wow, is the endocrinologist aware that an insulin pump is about as sophisticated as a cell phone from 1998? Seriously, they are not that complicated. Children operate their own pumps all the time. It's just a more accurate way to dose insulin. If you can do basic math, you can operate an insulin pump! My iPhone is WAY more complex.

When I wasn't "making a bit deal" of my diabetes (i.e., NOT using my iPhone to count my carbs and still on MDI), my A1C was frequently up in the 9% range. It's down now, but I know what an A1C of 9% means for my future. The DCCT proved this back in 1992.

When I hear such stories of physicians saying incredibly stupid things, it makes me cringe. I have faced off with several before and it has usually resulted in me walking out of the office. I even had one physician tell me (after seeing that I wrote down "type 1 diabetes" on my intake form), "You're not overweight. How did you get diabetes?" I seriously could have punched the guy. Now, once I patiently explained the etiology of type 1 diabetes, he backed down and did seem a tad embarrassed. But it was still scary.

Thanks!! Yes I’m sure I could be “lower key”


Now that line is good mybustedpancres. I should have thought ofthat ! LOL! I will ask my hubby the next time he decideds he's the DR if he has his dergee in ENDO!!! Thanks! LOVE IT!!

True, true. Most medical professionals, other than my endos and internist, know next to nothing about type one diabetes.
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This guy is an evil sociopath. Repeat the same mantra Smile and Nod advocated" I am doing the best for my child. Have a nice day." and walk away. If he follows with his rant. Say it over and over with lack of affect in your tone. Soon everyone else will realize what a whack job HE IS.. He will wither away. I usually add "God bless you, too", to people like him. When you open a door to an unlit room, the darkness always flees from the light. And his poor soul is drenched in darkness.

You are doing a wonderful job with Kennedy.

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Wow. He's a doctor? I'm a bit gobsmacked. I couldn't imagine having someone do something like that. I'd tell him that the evidence of his parenting is showing some deficiencies and that perhaps he should take care of his own whelp before he issues opinions about how you and your daughter manager her diabetes. That pillar of your community is showing signs of wood rot. The guys is in family practice, so he's probably stone ignorant. Still it's no reason to be jerk about it. You can take the boy out of junior high, but you sometimes can't get the junior high out of the boy. I don't have any advice, I'm just outraged. Probably not helpful.

It sounds as if the good doctor needs a good doctor. Sounds like there's a bit of transference going on. Perhaps your parenting skills make him feel deficient. Even the casual observer would admit that this guy is a little cracked. If he's a fan of an A1c of 9 before he gets busy, he's doing his patients real harm. How old is this guy?


First of all - what a jerk! I am sad to hear you had to endure this AND even more sad to know your daughter is getting "teased" at school by his child.

What to say? How about resorting to "kill him with kindness"? IOW, "Oh, thank you so much for your concern!" - then walk away or ignore him.

If you want a rejoinder that is more to the point, you might say, "Thank you. You know I recently saw two patients with broken legs. One was in a huge cast and was literally flailing around with crutches, while the other had one of those walking casts. I told the one with crutches that she was making too big a deal ... surprising that she didn't thank me."

he's a little older than me, couple of years, I'm 42...

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thanks, you are in sf?

Maybe he is jealous of your daughter? Some parents can’t handle it when their kids aren’t the best, or first or whatever. As to making it obvious or a bid deal, my girls dance and swim. Its not like they can hide their durable medical equipment. Its kind of obvious! My girls have other kids asking all the time. Some Dr.s fall under the same misinformation that the public has. T1 is not T2. Too bad this Guy is seeing patients. Looks like he is setting himself up for a malpractice suit.

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I love to draw attention to type 1. The more people I educate the better! I do keep it in check when my son is shy, but I also want him to know that living with type 1 is a huge accomplishment. Be proud. Let other people know you are proud. I have even found when his playmates are educated they look out for him and alert him if he is acting strange...(at pre-school) one 4 yr old says to my 4 yr old (now 6) um Riddick you don't look so good. Is your blood not happy? Riddick was then checked by his teacher, he WAS low and it was handled! Education is the key!