will medicad pay for a cgm or not

Unfortunately Medicaid doesn’t pay for CGM System or the censors. I applied for financial assistance thru Medtronics. I’m praying that they approve it because my daughter needs her device.Contact your local government and speak out, let your voice be heard so that rules can change.Diabetes is unrecognized and law makers need to wake up.

I have assigned Medicaid in Hawaii, and they paid for both my Omnipod and the CGMS. I did have to do a first appeal, and suppor the Hypoglycemic unawareness, as well as the need for smaller than 1/2 unit doses, as my correction factor is 1:90 points. Unfortunately, the CGMS approval came shortly after Nav was pulled from the market, and the Dex just isn’t as helpful to me.

I doubt it… Those cheap bastards only pay for 1 strip a day, if you don’t fight them tooth and nail to give you more, and give them incredible proof that you need more, and only then will they give you just a few more. A CGM to them is like buying you a Cadillac. lol

You should though, check with your state… as all people or things Medicaid will cover are different by state… I dunno why…

It won’t in my state atleast. I’ve tried MANY times to get it but the answer is always a firm “NO”

Medicaid is a state-run program with federal assistance. The individual states work up their coverage so it will vary from state to state.

Speaking of cheap bastards, what about insurance companies!
One might have to move to a state with Medicaid that does cover them easier. Same thing for private insurance you just have to move to a state where, if you’re not sick, you might be able to get private insurance.
But don’t count on it!

25 years ago insurance wouldn’t cover pumps and I had the option of dual citizenship with Canada and almost moved up there to get covered for pumps (Canada’s health care did cover pumps long before US private insurance did). Luckily before I moved, to have better health, even though I preferred the US, a donor gave a pump to my local ADA for free and I got it. I did have to reuse the syringes and even re-sterilized the steel IV infusion needles but I managed for years at no cost for pumping except for a few batteries and I could buy regular insulin for $1.11 per bottle.

thanks for that