Medical records

When a patient leaves their doctor & starts seeing a new doctor what happens to their medical records? Shouldn’t ALL of the records be forwarded to the new doctor?

This doctor no longer practices in our state. So, how do I go about getting my records?

a. Did the former doctor sell his practice to the new doctor? The new doctor would have bought the former's practice, including his records.
b. Was the former doctor part of a group (an incorporated or partnership group)? The group would continue to have the records if that was part of the contract.
c. Did the former doctor, when he knew he was leaving, post where his records would be? Often this is posted in the old office or with those who took over the office. If not, the doctor took them with him. Note that all hospitalization records are with the hospital.

Phone first the number at which you always phoned the doctor. If that gives you no leads, phone the doctor at his present location and ask where your records are. No matter whoever you finally end up with, ask what they have they can send you. Then, if you have some particular record you're wanting, ask for it specifically.

When you ask, "shouldn't ALL of the records be forwarded to the new doctor", note that records are summarized. Summaries of records and of lab reports are more likely to be forwarded to the new doctor on your request. In the days prior to electronic records, pages and pages were xeroxed and the bundle sent; then the cost of this in a moving population became rather prohibitive and summaries were sent. Now, with electronic records, summaries are sent electronically when requested.

There are numerous variations of this! Note that when you contact the old doctor, his office can send specific records on your request but you will have to put in writing what you're requesting or fill out a form. You may have to pay by the page. If I haven't covered something here, please ask.

I’m not really sure where my previous doctor relocated to. He was audited and found guilty of ordering massive amounts of lab tests. He’s under a two year suspension.

I should explain that I left his office a couple of months before he was suspended from practicing. I did “buy” the most important records that I needed at the time. But, now I have another record that I need.

I found out about his suspension on the news and he never sent out a letter telling us to pick up our records.

His office was located in a medical tower next to the hospital. So, as you advised me to do, I’ll call at that location first.

Thanks for your help!

After you follow my suggestions and they result in nada, the county med society may know what happened to the records and the State Board of Medicine also may know.
I'd bet on the State first since they suspended him. They might know where he went since they've been dealing with his address, should have it, and can give you suggestions.
If it is a lab result that you need, go directly to the lab. They may want it to go to your new doctor directly, but the result is your property.