Has anyone switched Endos...is it a process?

Hey, I am sick and tired of my endo offering me no help, so I want to switch. Do I need to get all of my files transferred or can the new endo just start from scratch…just wondering if there is some sort of process of switching, or if it’s easy!!! Any experiences would be helpful :slight_smile:

I’ve switched several times. There’s no problem. If you want to ask for your file you can. You can ask to have it sent to the new Dr. if you’re comfortable doing that. (You can always tell them it’s an insurance issue or it’s closer or not give any reason) I think I’ve just started new. Just take in your readings from the previous months for them to look at and give them your history( which you just tell them ie surgeries, hospitalizations etc) that’s all they really need.
Like I said, I changed several times until I found an office and Dr. I liked!
Good luck.

Great thanks for the tip on the most current readings…I didn’t think of that!

I’ve also switched several times. No biggie. I never gave a reason & no one asked for one. You shouldn’t start from scratch. Once I asked for my records & had to pick them up from doctor’s office. Good to see what’s written down for any errors or comments. The other time I asked them to be sent to the new endo.

Good luck finding someone who works with you, and don’t be surprised if it takes a few tries. Also, If you’re type one and all they ask about is blood pressure and heart disease…RUN! Good luck!

I have had 4 endos over the past 7 years. I just signed a form so that my new endo can get the info. In one case I switched cause I felt I was not getting proper care and they were not listening to me. In other instances I had to switch because of insurance purposes. Usually i just go to the endo’s nurse and get the process of switching through the nurse. I guess the endo’s are always too busy any way. Home your switch goes well

I have… 8 times… it’s not really much of a process, honestly… especially if you can transfer at the very least your labwork. Your complete file/notes would be better.

I’ve done both… transferred records and started fresh. Neither is really going to set you back or anything - at most starting fresh you may need to redo some labwork.

Thanks everyone, I will call up my current info and see if I can just pick up my files…hopefully they won’t get “mad” I’m leaving…they aren’t very nice!!! :wink:

hahahaha OK.

So glad you posted this! I’m thinking of switching as well. I am mostly unhappy because I don’t think my endo is listening well. I have asked her for help, resources, to keep me on track and she thought my husband was enough. I mean, he’s great, but he doesn’t have a medical background. Do you guys have endo’s that you send your blood sugars to via email? Or does your office have a CDE or RN to communicate via email/phone? Since I use a cgms, I have all of this data and I would like to review it with someone. I need to be held accountable and can’t go to the endo’s office every week, but I need to be kept on track. Any advice would be helpful!

Yes, I have switched.

I call it firing my doctor. I was sick and tired of my 1st Endo. I would sit an hour in the waiting room and then another hour. I have children and my time is limited. So I fired him!

Just write your endo a short notice that you want all your records transfered over to the new endo. Give him/her the new endo’s name and address. No need to give a reason (unless you want to).

Getting a new endo was the best thing I have done! My new doctor is great and no wait time!

Thank you very much everyone! There are a lot of doc’s fortunately in my area to choose from, so that’s good…I don’t think I can go wrong----they can’t be worse than the one I have now!