Medicare Dexcom and Test Strips

There have been several discussions here about whether seniors using Dexcom can get test strip coverage. @Terry4 managed to get Contour Next strips from CVS a while back but everything I learned while researching this blogpost would say that he was lucky and it is doubtful that CVS will continue to get Medicare reimbursement for similar purchases. The most recent Medicare policy article says that yes, you can get test strips but they must be part of a bundle from your CGM supplier. Unbundled supplies will be denied. Once again I am referring to Basic Medicare and not Advantage Plans, TRICARE, and retirement plans. Also just to Dexcom and not Medtronic. Medicare, Dexcom, and Test Strips 2022 | Test Guess and Go


I think it had to do with Dexcom getting approval. Saves money for Medicare if they don’t have to pay for test strips when you have a Dexcom. Dexcom then decided that it would be cheaper for themselves to not supply test strips bundled either anymore and to show a better profit line when getting other people to handle distribution.

But it’s haywire, even Dexcom tells you when in doubt get your meter out, but then you don’t need to test ? Mine has been off by 60-80 points with a brand new sensor a few times…once I took a correction for a 185 when I woke up, then realized new sensor, checked with my meter and I was a nice 105. I then had to get up and eat to cover it. Usually a brand new sensor reads a lot lower for me and is erratic the first 24 hours plus, so you are just supposed to dose blindly ? So it’s nuts…

That would be one of the biggest reasons Dexcom needs competition. They might care some now in regards to the Libre, because they will potentially lose a lot of the type 2 business to them because it’s cheaper. And it looks like they are trialing a cheaper version of a Dexcom, DexcomOne for that reason in other countries. But they need a calibrated more accurate sensor competitor and I worry that might not happen as the push might be to get the huge type 2 market now.

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