Medicare for All

For the Americans here- do you support Medicare for All? What are your reasons for or against? Are you involved politically? If not, why not?

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Don’t support Medicare for all not because I don’t think that everyone deserves health care, but I am currently on Medicare, so concerned what that would do to my coverage. I have made adjustments to go from private insurance to Medicare. Not interested in transitioning to another program. I hear a lot of complaints about Medicare and coverage to T2, pumps etc.

It is fine if the choice is to make a change to Medicare for all. But I want to keep my program which is Medicare advantage program, which is a program that could be canceled.

I am 73 and paid into medicare for ever. Which should be maintained.

On a lighter side, if they want to refund all my medicare premiums including interest, I would consider a new medicare for all that everyone did not pay into.

And please don’t raise my taxes to pay for others medicare.


I am not for it at all. Other countries that have a government health care system have some major flaws too. Things aren’t covered that we take for granted here, things get done much slower.

Another is the fact that it costs, major costs, Other countries pay up to 60% in taxes to pay for medical etc. 25% sales tax, duty taxes, , higher payroll taxes, higher income taxes… at all income levels.

The grass is not always greener.

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Affordable decent health care should be available to everyone. Unfortunately, the health care system in the U.S. has gotten so bad and full of greed, nothing is going to change it. There’s too many corporations making too much in the industry to be able to change anything. They have all the power and all the money. What worries me with the Medicare for all, is what happens to people like me? I have a great job and awesome benefits. If I lose my coverage because this Medicare for all kicks in, I’m going to lose a lot of coverage options. Medicare is still too slow to adapt to new technology and new ideas. They are still operating under the same archaic rules and regulations that were in place 40 years ago. Our legislators couldn’t even roll out the affordable care act properly. I have no hope the system will ever change for the better. 90% percent of the patients I see everyday are poverty stricken and are all but forgotten by society. This has to change, but I see no reason to get my hopes up.


I am not sure I should voice my opinion on this topic because I feel VERY strongly about it and could possibly offend someone. I will try to keep my comments objective and unemotional.

I STRONGLY oppose “Medicare for all” which means different things to different people. Sounds great, that everyone would have health COVERAGE, but when we look deeper, that does not equate to everyone getting the health CARE they need. Too often, the terms “coverage” and “care” are intermingled and they are NOT the same. One refers to payment being made by more than the recipient of the service, the other refers to actual medical treatment.

Are they really speaking of Medicare? or Medicaid? Are they talking about putting ALL residents of the United States of American on the same program? NO choices?

If Medicare is suppose to go bust financially in a few years covering the people that are currently ON the system, how could it be feasible to add more people, LOTS more people?

They can’t seem to be capable of finding a solution to provide future coverage for the current system so trusting them to pull off Medicare for all is far beyond my realm of belief.

How will the amount we pay be determined? Will it be “means tested”? Will it be affordable? Will it resemble the current system? Will it be totally revised with fewer benefits? Will it create a shortage of doctors? Will we only be allowed to see a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant? How will physician’s be able to afford their educational expenses and practices if they are going to be paid peanuts by the government? The math just does NOT work for a total takeover of the health system of the USA by the government.

Can anyone name ONE, just one thing, that the government has taken over that has been a success? Prior to Amtrak, I had rail system in my area of the country that would take me north, south, east, and west. Since Amtrak, I don’t have the same options for travel. Did you notice the best rail service is on the east coast serving the government dense area of the country? Why is UPS so successful when we have had the USPS for much longer?

I think the IDEA of everyone having an affordable way to get the medical services they need is great, just not practical or feasible if under the sole control of the government.

Do you want to wait weeks, months, to see a doctor for an acute issue? You may either be well or dead by the time your appointment rolls around.

If the government is so good at providing affordable health CARE, why are there so many stories in the news about the VA system and the long waits for medical services? The stories about the vast number of people that have died waiting for their appointment.

Even on THIS forum, we have seen many diabetics that must jump through hoops to get the best care for our condition from Medicare. What will be the eligibility requirements for being on a pump? What will the requirements be for a CGM if everyone in the country is on Medicare? Will we be required to have complications before we can get the tools and services we need?

When they tout “Medicare for All”, no one has said that it would be the exact same cost and benefits as what is currently established.
They also make it sound like Medicare is FREE. People not ON or familiar with Medicare do not realize that the premiums are taken out of Social Security benefit payments.

Wasn’t the ACA (ObamaCare) suppose to provide affordable health coverage (insurance) so that EVERYONE could have coverage and be able to access medical care? Why then were millions still shut out from having ObamaCare?

Why do we need to destroy an entire industry when only a part of the population is underserved?

ObamaCare may have worked better if it had been designed to service people that did not have insurance due to the cost or denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Those that were already covered lost their doctors and their plans even though they were assured that would not happen.

Just having a card in your wallet saying you have “health insurance”, does NOT equate to getting medical care that one can afford. What if the deductible is so high that you can’t afford care? If the co-payments are so high you can’t afford it? The co-insurance?

We, as diabetics, know the high cost of insulin, and many diabetes supplies and equipment. This is currently true for those of us on the current Medicare system. To add more people to a failing system can only increase the cost to ALL on the revised system.

There is so much I could say on this subject that it would be far too long for this forum. I have barely scratched the surface of my thoughts on the matter and have already made this post much too long.

I have learned through the years, the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”, is very true. Another one that comes to mind on this topic is “Look before you leap”.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I would need to know ALL the details, amounts, etc. before I would ever get on board with “medicare for all”.

I am Medicare age and my medical expenses FAR exceed my financial abilities. Medicare is not what many think it is.


Who doesn’t deserve health care?


This is what will need to happen.

We must keep ourselves informed as individuals as to what is going on as best we can.

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"Wasn’t the ACA (ObamaCare) suppose to provide affordable health coverage (insurance) so that EVERYONE could have coverage and be able to access medical care? Why then were millions still shut out from having ObamaCare?

Why do we need to destroy an entire industry when only a part of the population is underserved?"

We need to destroy an entire industry because all of the money that goes to an industry that is designed for profit will go to healthcare. Seeing what the industry did to people under obamacare is another reason among many to destroy it.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” there are many things in US history that sounded to good to be true at the time. but people struggled for them, and now we enjoy the fruits of their labor. do you really need me to list some of the accomplishments that seemed to good at the time?

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“If I lose my coverage because this Medicare for all kicks in, I’m going to lose a lot of coverage options.” what do you mean coverage options? ask a canadian if they have coverage options. they are just covered, plain and simple. the corporations are greedy and have power. diabetics of all people should at least put up a fight.

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“Another is the fact that it costs, major costs, Other countries pay up to 60% in taxes to pay for medical etc. 25% sales tax, duty taxes, , higher payroll taxes, higher income taxes… at all income levels.” public taxes go up, but there are no out of pocket expenses, no premiums, no paying anything at the doctor or hospital, so people save money. ask a canadian if they would trade their system for our system.

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it’s very sad and pathetic that the diabetics who have replied here are just willing to accept the status quo without even putting up a fight. don’t you even care about the people who are dying because of the present system?


we need to hear from some canadians…

Medicare for all is a single-payer, universal health care plan which allows for everybody (citizen and non-citizens) to go to any doctor in America. All doctors are in network, all emergency rooms are in network, all urgent cares are in network. Expanded & improved medicare for all (HR 676) makes it so dental, vision, mental health, reproductive health, primary care, and every necessity is covered, including a cap of $200/year out-of-pocket prescription expense.

Doctors would be able to opt-out of hr676 (a bill in the House) by accepting full cash/credit card payments (which would be an awful business decision for them unless they only see extremely wealthy patients), but insurance companies could not sell duplicate insurance plans matching HR676.

Private insurance companies could only exist for people who seek out cosmetic surgeries.

when Medicare is the ONLY healthcare insurance provider, every doctor will accept it or they will go out of business.
So, unless you want to go to a doctor who is in high demand, you should have no problem seeing any doctor you want. If they’re in high demand, you could still see them but have to wait longer to see them, just like now.

I don’t understand why you keep referencing Canada. Medicare for all will be nothing like Canada’s health care system. I will absolutely lose a considerable amount of my coverage options. I have a $5 copay for all my prescriptions whether they are name brand or generic. That will absolutely skyrocket if this legislation passes. Medicare doesn’t cover my CGM supplies, I guess I’m out of luck there too. I pay nothing for my insulin pump or supplies. Those items will surely cost me a pretty penny. I can get whatever insulin I desire in the amounts that I wish to get them. Medicare has the most restrictive policies on insulin out of any insurance entity. Thanks, but no. If I’m going to fight anything, it will be these lunatic politicians who are trying to take away my health care and replace it with empty promises. I’ll keep Kaiser thank you very much.

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“Medicare for all will be nothing like Canada’s health care system.” what makes you say that? what is the source of your information?

Oh gee, I don’t know. How about the loons occupying Capitol Hill. I’m done with this conversation. Please do not quote my posts again.

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As we all try to get info on this forum so perhaps should we stay as informed as possible on what is coming down the pike for healthcare. The only thing I know about it is that it will cost more, but will it truly in the big picture in the end? And supposedly all will get healthcare. I know it is difficult because primary sources are more difficult to come by. Newspapers, new magazines and the internet can be biased and inaccurate.

I personally will be paying careful attention to what is next. And seeking out reliable sources.

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I decided to research a website/organization that I have determined is credible. Here is what I would be looking at for info on Medicare For All etc.

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