Medicare vs Medicare Advantage plans


Thanks T2Tom.


It sounds like you and I have similar frustrations with understanding and dealing with Medicare. This post, and your original one a few days ago, expressed it so much better than I could. I wish I had answers, but any answers I’ve been able to find seem rather vague and elusive. Repeated phone calls to the insurance company often don’t help.
Please forgive the over used phrase, but “I feel your pain!”


Contact your Agency on Aging,they can help you understand everything. Nancy50


Whoa, this seems so confusing. I am just glad that, although I pay a lot for it, I have kept my Fed BC/BS plan as secondary. As a secondary, not a supplement, everything is covered even if not by Medicare. This insurance doesn’t care what Medicare (or Advantage says), it is what the doctor says I need. A supplement will not cover anything not covered by Medicare, like overseas medical stuff, such as my hospital stay in Korea. Reading some of the above comments, I feel very lucky.


Great plan congradulations


Thanks Dave46, you seem to be one of the only people that understood my posts. Most of the responses I have received suggest that I am too stupid to understand and I just need someone with brains to help me.

I am not stupid. I am not so old that my brain cells misfire. I am upset about the generalities, vagueness, and ambiguity used by the government, the insurance companies, the medical profession, etc.

The use of terms like, “if, and, but, except” are abundant so to avoid having anything stated in a cut and dry manner.

Thanks for your understanding. I am glad to hear that someone heard my pain.


I think the age for Medicare eligibility is 62.? There’s also Medicare disability where people under the eligible age are able to have Medicare. Medicare used to put the social security numbers on the cards , but stopped due to fraud. Medicare Advantage are privately owned insurance companies.


Medicare age is 65, unless started at a younger age due to disability. Social Security benefits can be started early at age 62.