Medicine in hard times

What would we do if somehow something like war broke out and our supply of medical stuff was cut off. Is it worth stocking up for an emergency like that?

I have enough supply's and insulin to last a year+. I don't think the US has a stockpile of insulin to cover a disaster of any kind. When the airports, buses, and trains where shut down on 9/11 some PWD's could not get home to their insulin and where forced to go to a local hospital or drug store for some insulin. Before 9/11 I only had a months worth of insulin at best, it changed my way of thinking and I started stockpiling insulin, supply's, and some other items that would be hard to get during a natural or man made disaster...

I’ve thought of starting to save insulin for an emergency because I only keep about a months worth at best. How do you stockpile yours?

Novolog is good for several years if stored properly and I also have a gen set to run my fridge when it storms. The gen set is really for a large salt water aquarium that has pumps and a chilling unit so the water will not over heat in the summer, it can only stand about 4 hours without power before it would damage the coral and fish so a backup gen-set is a must...

I use a pump so My Rx is for about 20% more insulin than I use every day so over time I stockpile some extra or stretch out my orders to use some up before it expires.

wow that's a beautiful aquarium, I used to have a salt water tank

I think about this quite a bit. Before Y2K I had never used a computer, but knowing how computer-based pretty much everything we use/need is these days I could see the risk and stocked up on family essentials (still have Y2K wheat that I grind to make flour). I was still on MDI back then, so I got a year's supply of insulin , testing supplies and syringes.

If something that big happens, I figure I'm toast, but still I'd like to survive long enough to see what happens and help if I could? Would be scary but VERY interesting times.