Medtronic 670g Auto Mode making me go low


Always great to hear from people who are having success with it, as people who have problems tend to be more vocal about it and give the impression it sucks for everyone—or most people—which isn’t true. So I always try to mention this when I’m griping about my experience.

The biggest problem for me was overnight highs, rather than lows as you’ve experienced, which were caused by the sensor persistently registering well below my actual BG at night, depriving auto mode of the information it needed to compensate for rising BGs due to dawn phenomenon. I just couldn’t figure out any way to fix that, even getting up at 4a.m. and doing a calibration, because DP is gradual and by the time it’s really kicking in it’s too late for the pump to get ahead of it. In general I think it’s easier to convince the algorithm to be less aggressive, since that seems to be its predilection to begin with. Trying to get it to be more aggressive runs up against limitations that are hard-wired in to prevent people from hurting themselves. A real frustration to those who are experienced in monitoring BG and achieving tight control to begin with.


Thanks for the suggestion. I am on the metal set as well as the 30 degree long ones. The problem is a do aerials and yoga everyday and the metal punctures through the sub-q and I end up doing more damage. I’ve changed as many as 4 times in a day. I’ve also pulled the needle out and moved it an inch between classes like a maniac!!


Are you aware of the new transmitter now available for the 670G system? MedT has removed some of the logic in the transmitter package that the FDA required for BG testing in the initial release. This is supposed to improve the calibration/repeating-BG-Requests that have plagued the system since its introduction. I have one on order, but of course everyone wants one instantly. May take some time to get one.


That would be an important bug fix—The Calibration Loop has been a major headache for a lot of people. I ran into it once or twice while I was using the system but I was also on the closed 670G FB group where someone published an effective technique for avoiding it.


wow. I’ve even crawled under the house (a low crawlspace) several times without disturbing my sets. I think in the last 15 or more years, I’ve not had more than one (I forgot to put an IV3000 over it and it got caught on something while I was hard at work in the shop or yard) set come out. I love how low-profile the Sure-T’s are, which contributes to them staying put as long as an IV3000 (or similar) covers them so that nothing pushing into them at an extreme angle will dislodge them by getting underneath the silicone “disk”.


I was using about 6 active insulin times throughout the day to manipulate my microbolus delivery, but my new endocrinologist in SC changed everything back to 1 AIT and 1 carb ratio. They wanted to see my baseline and thought I was still having too many lows.

I ran at 180-240 for about 8 weeks, then I lowered the AIT on my own. It came down to approximately 150.

I suggest doing a small change like suggested above! It does take some tweaking, but I’ve been pretty happy with it over the last couple of months. Maybe I’m even happier because I know my a1c went down a full point over 6 months. So it’s working better for me than I even realized initially!


It happened to me too, but I was low several times per day. No one could figure out what by or what to do, so I went back to manual mode.


That was, no one could figure out why.


Was on the Medtronic site tonight. I did not see any information about this. Do you have a link to more information?



No, sorry I don’t have any more information. I was contacted by our area sales/customer territory-manager, told about the new transmitter and asked if I wanted to start the acquisition process. She said it might take quite some time due to limited quantities and high demand. You might have to work with your local rep since it’s not in the on-line store. Actually, the announcement she sent had quite a bit of info and detail but it was marked confidential/proprietary and I’d be uncomfortable sending it on to you. If you have the address of your territory manager you might try he/r. I’m in Seattle. You could try contacting her:

Jennifer Minahan, MS, RD, CDE

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Well, that sucks. Now I know something exists but I can’t get it. I looked on Medtronic’s website but could only find territory managers for New York and Northern New Jersey. Nothing for South New Jersey.