Medtronic cgm

talk to medtronic come out with new sensor for seven days used.

i don’t understand your post. is it a new sensor? 7 days used? please clarify. i’m considering getting the medtronic pump and cgm.

I wear mine for 6 days, no problem. Are you saying we should ask for 7 days? Some people wear theirs even longer. I’m very happy with my mm pump, CGMS.

7 days used

no medtronic come out with a lifetime of 7 days

I think he’s referring to Minimed’s 7 Day Enlite sensor which is expected to be approved in Europe soon, and may hit the USA later this year.

Thanks! Will look into it. I love new developments.

i have the paradigm veo

to use your sensor for more than three days, just tell your pump you put in a new one.

I would like to see them improve the sensors, they don’t always go in right, come out easy and have too many issues. The last two I tried were failures and they are too expensive to waste

Keep in mind many Dexcom users get 14+ days from their sensors. (FDA limit = 7days, but).

Thanks for the link. I see there are many improvements and a lot of tape! I for one, while not overly cowardly, like not being able to see the inserter needle cruise down the inserter device with a vengence! I wonder what the actual speed is? Hidden is good!

I was recently told by the Medtronic gal who helped with my original sensor training (6 yrs. ago) that they were finding the 90 degree angle to be better. Of course it bends the dickens out of little guy! I don’t know if others are having trouble pulling the inserter needle out. Scary. I thought maybe because I was inserting at an angle that was greater than it was designed for. I have really accurate readings, within 4 points of my glucometer. I eat low carb, so it doesn’t have too far to go.

I stick with 6 days, mostly to be considerate of the healing processes. I personally have gone 12 days, but do not do it. I notice the numbers aren’t as accurate, but, yes, I could make mental adjustments that the chemical breakdowns affect the isigs and still find the variance useful. That said, I prefer the perfect numbers, so six days it is! I hate saying goodbye to the really great sensors. It is amazing how much peace it brings to daily life.

Looking forward to any and all developments…I’d love to be a tester.