Medtronic Paradigm vs One Touch Ping

I am currently us a Medtronic Paradigm 722 insulin pump. I wanted a One Touch Ping but my previous Dr. pushed me into the Medtronic. Thhe Medtronic delivers insulin at a very slow rate, unlike a regular insulin shot. The Ping delivers insulin at a much faster rate. If anyone is on either of these pumps, please let me know which one you like better.

I have had them both, for me the minimed is the best hands down.


I switched from a 722 to a 523 Medtronic pump a few weeks ago and notice that it seems to pump faster? I'm not sure if it's the smaller "barrel" or is an optical illusion but the numbers seem to go faster? I haven't tried the Animas one though.

From what I was told by my endo, the slower rate of delivery results in better absorption. And this in turn can result in less insulin being needed. Personally, I love my Minimed pump. I think they are just better pumps overall. But that is my personal opinion and I know many folks love their Pings. To some degree it is personal preference. But that said, if I was going to recommend a pump to someone else, it would definitely be Minimed.

I'm switching to a pump in the next few weeks or so and I've come across this dilemma as well. I currently take about 80 units a day (40 lantus and about 40 apidra on average). I know the ping has a 200 unit reservoir while the paradigm has a 300 unit reservoir. But the biggest selling factor for me honestly is the meter/remote control the ping provides. I'd love to be able to "dial a dose" without having to interface with the meter itself ( I can't seem to find any information on whether the paradigm has a remote or not.).

The Paradigm does not have a remote. It is all controlled by the pump itself.

Animas is also releasing a pump that will be a pump CGM combo. It is called the Animas vibe. It works with Dexcom, which is a more accurate CGM than the Medtronic. With the Vibe, it will not have a meter remote. The Ping is a way better pump than the Paradigm, in my opinion! I hope this helps!

The Revel delivers even a 25 unit bolus in about 5 minutes whereas on the older Minimeds that would take about 16 to 18 minutes. I’m not sure how long that large of a bolus would take on my Ping but it’s real fast! Probably faster than the Revel. So if the speed of the bolus dose is frustrating you upgrading your pump is always an option.

I love my Ping very happy I switched from Medtronic but I do think Medtronic makes a good pump.

Why was your previous Dr sold on Medtronic? What about your current endo? Is your pump out of warranty? Have you thought about upgrading? Right now if I was in the pump market I would probably wait a little bit though if my current pump was functioning ok and I was reasonably satisfied. At some point the Vibe will be out and Medtronic’s next generation pump is due out soon also. However if you’re really frustrated with the Minimed and like the direction Animas or other companies seem to be going I’d switch now making sure you look into the various companies current upgrade offers. I believe Animas says if you buy now you can get the Vibe for $99 but I could be wrong about that.