Minimed Revel or Onetouch Ping

I am trying to decide which of the two to chose as my first pump. I like some features on the Ping better than the Revel and vice versa. Any thoughts, opinions, or information is appreciated.

I currently have an Animas 2020 pump, and I decided to go with it because of the better warranty for it being waterproof. I read about both of the pumps you’re talking about, but one of the big things the minimed pump has is the CGM. The only problem with the CGM (at least in Canada) is the cost. What I had to do is look at how possible is would be for me to actively use the CGM capabilities of the minimed pump. I decided that while getting on a CGM is something I really want to do, I don’t think I would foot the bill for it very often at all. So this was one of the big deciding factor for choosing the Animas pump.

I have the MM Revel. I have never used the Animas. For me - this is what I like about the MM - the integrated CGM - it works very well for me = but of course, YDMV. The 300 unit reservoir (the Animas is 200 u) for when I need increased insulin needs. I don’t particular care about waterproofness as I would never swim with my pump as 1) my BG drops like a rock from swimming and 2) I would never wear it in the ocean becasue I don’t want to go diving for it if it falls off my bathing suit (the MM although not advertised as waterproof - because any micro cracks that are nto seen with disrupt the casing rendering it not waterproof, is definitely water resistant and dunk proof, I have gotten caught many times out in the rain with it exposed). I also like the very simple to use interfaces/menu screens and easy button pushing. I had no use for the remote that the Ping offers so this wasn’t a deciding factor.

Everyone will tell you that their pump is best. My advice to you is get all of the pumps you are interestd in, in your hands, trial them out, talk to the reps, and like you are doing - talk to the end users as well.

I also love the online web based Carelink program - makes it very easy for my endo or CDE to log in (I give them my log on) to look at my data and make any needed suggestions for changes.

Whatever your choice it, it will be the right choice for you!

My daughter pumps with the Revel. We have been very happy. I think that the biggest deciding factor for us was the CGM capability. We did not start with the CGM, only used the pump for the first year (she started on the MM Paradigm). Then we upgraded through their Pathway program to the Revel and started using the CGM. I really like that she can use the CGM and the pump functions as the receiver, rather than carrying a separate receiver for it. I also really like the CareLink program for downloading pump and CGM information. Good Luck!

A bit off topic…how long did you get your low-profile clips to last? Mine’s 5 months old and still going…

I’ve heard others say 2-3 months, but I haven’t had any issues with mine yet.

I’ve been using MM pumps for 12 years, and been very happy with them. I have a 722 now. I did once have a problem with the buttons, and they replaced the pump immediately, but with a refurbished pump. But to be fair, the ref. pump has worked fine for 3 years now.
MM Revel has the same tiny basal amounts as the Ping. I don’t need the waterproof feature. I do like the fact that my CGM is integrated with the pump, because it takes a lot of the hassle out of diabetes management!
I’ve always gotten excellent customer service, too, although I haven’t called them very often because everything has usually functioned just fine.
I like the fact that it keeps track of my boluses, and shows me how many carbs I’ve eaten for the day, as well as my total daily dose. It also has an averaging feature which you can set to however many days you want to average.
I would agree with the idea of taking each one out for a test drive, if the reps will let you – this is definitely a YMMV!

Thanks for the info. I really like some features on the Ping over the Revel. Does anyone know if these companies publish reliability statistics? I hate the concept with most pump manufacturers that they can send you a refurbished pump if your new one goes out. From what I have read they do this now matter how long you’ve used it.