Medtronic Revel: Left over insulin in the reservoir

My instructions say to change my infusion site every 3 days. And, to throw out the reservoir, even if there is insulin in it. Does everyone do that? Can you continue with the old reservoir until it is empty? I hate to waste insulin.

You don't have to fill the res all the way, just put what you need for three days in there. There will always be some waste because of the infusion line though. I use mine all up, but I don't always follow the instructions.

I guess on the 3 days and, if there's some left, I usually use it until it gets down below 10U if I can. Sometimes it doesn't work out and, if there's a BG issue and the juice doesn't seem to be working, I'll swap it out. Most of the time, I probably go 3.5-4 days or so.

You can also change the reservoir on different days than the infusion set. It is the infusion set that is most important to change, to avoid infections, scar tissue, or poor absorption.

Also consider your total amount of insulin per month, since most insulins last 28-30 days after opening. For me, I use less than one bottle per month, so wasting some in the reservoir is no different than wasting the end of the bottle.

I think most people estimate 3 days worth, and only fill the reservoir with that much, and so there is minimal waste.

I fill my reservoir completely and use it until it is empty. For me that means I use each reservoir for about a week. I have noticed any degradation in the insulin. I use Novolog. I think that people who use Apidra have not had much success in trying to use it in a pump for more than 2-3 days.

I change my infusion set every 2-3 days. I change the tubing when I change the reservoir. When I order supplies, I order 4 boxes of infusion sets and 2 boxes of reservoirs for a 3 month supply.

My reservoirs last 4-6 days and I've never had much of a problem with the insulin losing potency. I actually find it helpful to change sites and reservoirs at different times since if I change either the site or the reservoir and suddenly my numbers start going out of control, its likely that whatever I changed isn't working.


Ditto, reservoirs last me about 4.5 days and I change infusion sets on a separate 3 day schedule.

I also try to estimate only three days and aim for under 10 units before I change. You can also use what’s left in your old reservoir to prime your next tube. Just connect the old reservoir to the new tube, use a plunger to push the insulin through until you see drops, and when you connect it, just hit escape once the pump plunger reaches the new reservoir. I’ve done this with 3 units left in the old reservoir. Really helps!!

I generally use what's in the reservoir-even after I get the "low reservoir" alarm. If for some reason I don't use all of it, I draw what's left into a syringe. I cut corners where ever I can. I don't waste anything that I don't have to.

I change everything every 4 days--have done that for years with no problems. I use very about 20 units total per day normally, so I fill the res to the "1" line. By the time I prime, I have enough insulin for 4 days--very little waste.

I get the impression that the trainer's emphasis on the threat of infection at the infusion site is over stated. Would you agree?

I don't know about infection likelihood. I often get a bit of pus under the skin and regardless I change on day 3 because I am not tempting fate in regard to developing scar tissue.