Medtronic trial

Ha ha, I’m already a member of all three of those, Manny.

But great salesmanship on your part. :wink:

Very interesting, Pat. Did not know that MM had a longer “learning” curve. Think that might clinch it for me. Thanks so much for posting. Jan :slight_smile:

I would echo Pat’s comments. It took me a month to two to “get” the MM sensor to work “ok” (do I hear another echo?). I think the biggest thing for me between the two is the lag time. I mostly need it for the lows and by the time the MM catches up to alert me the low is already known and dealt with at that time. The MM sensor has more value for me in dealing/reacting to any potential high’s. Dexcom is helpful for BOTH high’s and lows.

Again, great info, MossDog. Much appreciated!

Im not sure about the MM but Animas indicated that they have a 299 upgrade program for new pumps to allow people with in warranty pumps to migrate to the new stuff regardless of insuran coverage. So i bought the ping and will wait for the next geneation.

Dick, what does the next gen have that you’re interested in?

The next animas is supposed to integrate with the new Dexcom Gen 4 which is supposed to be more accurate smaller and quicker learning time. I hope the pump will update some ofthe current quirks but they are not saying much about it yet. Usually the next generation is better than the last so all we can do is wait them out. The new MM will be rated at 6 days and has a smaller needle and I think is advertised as more accurate. So everybody gets better - I just love Continuous improvement. 22 years ago I was admitted to Vanderbilt and trained in Multiple daily injections before beoing put on pump. I had an A1c of 11.0 amd reduced to 6.9 after learning a non sm,art pump. I am working now on getting under 6 and low 5’s may be in the near future!! WE GOTTA USE THE BEST WE CAN TO LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO STILL HAVE SOME WORKING ORGANS TO BENEFIT FROM WHATEVER CURE IS DEVELOPPED!

Medtronic does the same thing.

Pat, I just learned yesterday during my long call with the Dexcom rep that you’re only tied in for one year. So should I assume that with MM, the CGM carries the same 4-year commitment that the pump does?

And also, what is Solo?

No, the MM is only good for one year. But, of course, they want to keep you as a customer.

Thanks, Natalie. So it sounds like whichever CGM I choose, I’m in it for 1 year. Whichever pump I choose, I’m in it for 4 years.

BUT, Dexcom offers a nifty 6-week, moneyback guarantee.

My local Animas rep said they will be coming out with their new upgrade programs that include what they will offer current Ping/Dexcom users. He was saying how this is somewhat unprecedented as they usually wait until the product launches before discussing possible upgrade pathways. I think they have so many people interested and are getting so many questions they decided to release this info before the launch.

Ha ha, when I spoke to Animas the day before yesterday, the rep said exactly the same thing. It really is a seductive way to get people to sign on.

Truth is that both companies have some exciting R&D going on. But as I said before, I cannot make that kind of choice based upon something in the future whose timing is unknown.

So in my humble opinion, at this point, Dex is the way to go as far as sensors. As far as pumps they are both so alike I really can’t say, for my lifestyle, the few distinguishing features between them mean much. I do like the Animas screen enough more that I lean slightly that way (you know in the magical land of thinking what the new upgrade will be :-0).

The one other thing I would say about the whole deciding based on what is in the future is this: we have all now even seen pictures of these new products and some are even in use or close to launching in other countries. It is only a matter of time before they come. More than likely at that point I will (and maybe you too?) want to upgrade using one of either companies programs. I think in this instance it pays to do a little speculation into the future?

Yes it is seductive but it is also survical for the companies. Just like Microsoft will give the next upograde away in the lasyt couple months befoire it is released. In the absence of an attractive upgrade path, sales dry up in the months before a new release everyone wants to wait for the next new goody. In the case of medical devices and the FDA the months turn to years so one must make decisions based on what is available today but still is nice to keep an eye on the future.

Yes, MossDog and Dick, you both make good points.

Of course, both companies have announced upgrades. But how can I know what they are?

Right now, the most compelling reason of all to decide against Animas is based on the button-heavy menus, and the inconvenient bolusing. There are too many steps required to get my daily tasks done! For that main reason, I consistently find myself tending towards the Revel.

I have no idea if that will be changed in the next version. And if I risk that it will, I have to put up with its current inconveniences several times a day while I wait.

But I love love the Animas screen. It’s bittersweet, indeed.

I adjusted to the button pushes in a couple days and dont hardly notice it (former deltec cozmo pumper) But the screen resolution was the main factor for me - fine font is difficult after too much work on my retinas - I can see the Animas screen without my glasses most of the time (3AM is a different story) TheMM i could not read without glasses and that was a tie breaker for me

I know the button pushing factor has steered quite a few people away from Animas. Like Dick it was an adjustment for me but only for a small amount of time. I think the Revel is a good pump and you can’t go wrong with either in their current state.
Because I like the idea of the receiver seperate from the pump it would be a tough decision for me as well (integration is a factor but does not heavily weigh on my decision). In the end if button pushing is a big deal to you (it was for me too at the beginning) then your decision becomes easier.