DexCom G4 vs. CGM in Medtronic MiniMed 530G

I have decided to finally leave the Dark Ages and purchase my very first CGM! I have found lots of on-line reviews and comments comparing the DexcomG4 with the "old" Medtronic Guardian. However, I can't find anyone comparing the Dex with the CGM in the new MiniMed530G.

If I got the MiniMed, I probably would NOT use the pump and the new gizmo that lets PWDs "suspend" insulin delivery. At this point, I just want a glucose monitor, mostly because i am having problems with hypoglycemic unawareness. Maybe it's too early and the savvy PWDs who write about this kind of thing have not yet made a judgement on the new MiniMed, although I do see a few tweets and blogs complaining about its inaccuracy and "false lows." Can anyone suggest a good source that compares the two? Or is there anyone who has experience with both who could provide me with their impressions, experiences, etc.?


I had some "shakedown" issues w/ the 530G however the last 2 sensors have been amazing, this afternoon, after lunch, it said 129 and I was apprehensive that it might turn into a runaway high but the meter was spot on at 129 too, which was sort of spooky. It may have been that my "workarounds" to compensate for the "offness" of the old model didn't quite mesh w/ the 530Gs. The duration of the 530s is the next project. I always have done sensor things in the AM but tried "rebooting" the 530 (taking the xmitter off to recharge on like day 6 or maybe 7...) at night and it seemed to work very well the next day so I figure I will be pretty happy with it. The old Medtronic unit had a pretty nasty needle to insert but the new one is a piece of cake.

That being said, many people who have tried both seem to prefer the Dexcom as it seems to last longer (less $ensors!) and also can be extremely accurate, possibly more than Medtronics model although, if I am getting them to match like they did to day, I would not hesitate to recommend it. A Tu user named Leo something or other did a test and wore both and I think the Dexcom "won" but it was very close.

The main reason I like the Medtronic is b/c of the built into the pump/ all in one arrangement. I have no interest in schlepping another gizmo around on top of it. If you don't plan on pumping, maybe you can arrange to try them both together to see which one you like more? I'd sort of like to do that but am pretty lazy about figuring out what I'd have to do to make that happen.

Thanks. I am thinking about getting both and seeing which one is better but...This whole venture seems intimidating to me and I think it will be hard enough to just get used to one of them, let alone two...It is hard to stop being a dinosaur. The last time I made major changes was to divide my Lantus dose and take one in the AM and one in PM. That was about 20 years ago. Really appreciate the feedback, especially the positive note on the 530G's accuracy.

Dan, I would run to Dexcom without passing “GO”. Now I’m going to have to justify this recommendation.

If you go to the Dexcom group on this site, someone just posted an extremely detailed report of his experiences with both. It was too complex for me, especially since I’m totally in favor of Dexcom. The conclusion on page 19 comes out in favor of Dexcom for accuracy and ease of use. Medtronic wins on integration into the pump.…

Here’s a comparison by a European user where the Enlite has been available for a much longer time:…

Here’s one more:…

I don’t have links handy for everything I’ve read on early experiences with the Enlite, but many have not been favorable.

Most G4 users seem very happy with the system. On Twitter sometimes we post photos of “Twinsies” where our meter and CGM match up exactly. I’ve had 4 or 5 this week. This is a blog post I wrote in June about how often I bolus based on my G4 readings:

The G4 is not perfect, but I rarely have readings that are totally out in left field. I use each sensor for 2-3 weeks. I have good insurance so I don’t extend the sensors to save money. I do it because they continue to be very accurate.

Hopefully you’ll get some other answers, but my advice is to go with Dexcom.

CGM aside, get a pump. I don't think you would regret it. And if you like a pump and have hypo unawareness, the suspend feature could save you a traumatic low during sleep.

Thanks, especially for those links. There is so much info out there, so many opinions and sources, and I was having a hard time finding what I needed.