Meet the College Diabetes Network

** College season is upon us and I want to tell you all about someone I recently met who has a great passion for supporting diabetics as they transition through college and beyond. I met Tina at the 2011 Friends for Life Conference and learned of The College Diabetes Network which is dedicated to supporting students as they navigate the college waters. I think it is a fantastic idea and it fulfills a desperate need for peer support. With that, I’ll let Tina tell you more!

The College Diabetes Network

My name is Christina Roth and I recently met Scott at the Friends for Life conference a few weeks ago. (I agree with Scott! I highly recommend the conference! It’s a blast!). I was down at the conference on behalf of the College Diabetes Network (CDN), an organization I started my junior year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

My Story: I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 14 years old and I struggled with diabetes throughout high school. I was finally able to gain some control over it when I got to college thanks to my CGM- but it wasn’t easy. For those of you who have been through college, regardless of if you are diabetic or not, I’m sure you remember the late nights, intense stress studying for exams, unhealthy foods (late night pizza anyone?!), crazy parties, bad decisions…..the list goes on and on.

Well as fun as “the college experience” is it poses many challenges to managing diabetes. Read the rest at Strangely Diabetic