It's official!

I just started a group for diabetics and those interested/affected by diabetes on the Texas A&M University main campus.

The following link will give you any information you need.

It’s the first group on the campus of its kind and I’m very excited to get it up and running, however I need everyone to spread the word! I’m also looking at starting the same type of group across the US on various campuses, so if you want your campus to be considered, let me know!

Awesome Lindsey! I hope that the group gets off to a great start! Keep us posted on how it goes!

This is really great and something I think post-secondary students – especially those on residential campuses – could really make use of.

Great job Lindsey!!!

Wondeful step,soon will be National.Well done Lindsey.

Well done!

Very cool! I’m at Texas A&M – well, as a staff member. I graduated in 2004. I would have loved this as a student!
Hope it’s going well so far!

awesome!! i work on campus and would love to know about things going on!

Hello Lindsey,

I received your contact information from Kristin. I too am trying to start a college diabetes support group at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. My description of the group is listed on this link I would like to know what it is that your group does. How often do you meet? Do you have guest speakers? I have a strong idea about the things I would like to cover but am slightly confused about the structure and the materials that should be covered. If you have any help or ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Andrea,

That’s great! Diabetic Echoes, the student group, is based on the social network I started for global diabetes awareness. Our group does a lot of fund raising…we have 2 major events every year that we raise money for. We meet every few weeks…our group is very small as diabetics are hard to recruit on my campus. We’ve wanted to host conferences with speakers here on campus, but because of the small membership we’ve been very limited as to funds to do those types of things.

My advice for structure is to judge things based on your group size. If you find your group is fairly large, you’ll need more resources (like committees, group events, etc). For us, myself and our treasurer and one other student that helps out do fine to manage everything we do.

What kinds of ideas do you have? It’s definitely a fun thing to put together and good luck getting started!