Meeting others with D

Yesterday I was flying back from HK to Manila. Got upgraded, which was super nice, though it's only a short flight.

Checked my BS after I sat down and it was a little high, so I did an adjustment.

The guy in the seat behind saw it (though I was trying to be discrete) and said "diabetic"? I said "yes, lucky me". He then flashed his pump.

I have never seen a real pump before. I really wanted to ask him about it, but he didn't make eye contact with me again (not helped by the privacy of business class). Maybe he was offended by my comment? I don't know anyone here in Philippines who uses a pump (but then I haven't actually met anyone other than people with type 2 - usually mature age onset here).. and they're all on oral meds, rather than insulin like me.

I stupidly was "too shy" to just start a conversation with him, though I really wanted to.

Imagine, I have never met someone with Type 1 in real life before (well not since I was a kid, when a friend has a big sister with Type 1, or a kid at a summer camp did - but all I remember was the adults making a fuss when she got a hematoma after one of her shots).

I've only been dealing with this for a few years and I'm still honeymooning (I think), so I kind of feel like a cheat / that I may "be fake" about this and about wanting to talk about it / find out other's experiences.

So, do you talk about it to others? Would you be offended if someone asks about it?

I've always wondered about this! Why are so many diabetics shy to approach each other? Is it because we think is enough that we are dealing with it day to day ourselves that we don't want to dump on fellow diabetics? Is it that we are afraid like Super_sally that the other diabetic will "see thru us", find out that we don't know as much or are not taking care of ourselves the way we "should be"?

Personally, and since I'm the first to write a comment here, I will declare to you all that I love to meet other diabetics. I love to share because I feel that if anyone can understand is another diabetic... of course i realize that we are all different and that there are many shapes and colors of the disease and sometimes it is mixed with an extra set of problems or a different lifestyle, or beliefs. BUT who else can know how crappy it feels to have a low while you are trying to hold a conversation or that when u look at your meter and see a high number your mood changes because you are trying to figure out the cause and may be secretly blaming yourself.

So if we ever cross paths please do not hesitate to talk to me, i would love to hear about you and give you a Diabro/Diasis hug. On the other hand if I'm having a crabby day you are better off just to ask for my email...

I agree with Maycri, Sally. I find it a bit odd that this guy would make the connection and then sit back and not chat more! No, your comment just sounds light and humorous, nothing offensive there.

I too love meeting other Type 1's. I'll never forget my first Type 1 friend (hi, dancer!). I was working on starting my type one women's group and she was the first to respond, so we got together for lunch. We chatted for about an hour and a half non-stop, not running out of conversation, though we were strangers. I also found it fascinating to watch when she checked her blood sugar because I looked around the cafe and absolutely nobody was paying any attention; that made me less self-conscious when I did mine in public.

As I said I started a Type one Women's Group which is still going strong in the Bay Area, but I've now moved 5 hours north into the mountains and I miss my group! We met monthly and had occasional potlucks where we drank wine laughed and compared pumps and numbers when we ate. (All dishes came with carb counts of course).

I've run into one other pumper in public, and wouldn't hesitate to connect if I saw another one. I also was in a bookstore when a man came up to the help desk and asked about "books about type 1 diabetes" because his teenage daughter had just been diagnosed. I approached him and made some suggestions including this website. He seemed to really appreciate it.

Manila is a big city - is there any organization or perhaps your endo through which you could connect with other type 1's? I bet there are others who would also like contact. Have you done a search to see if there other people in the Philippines on here? If you ever come to California I'd love to connect with you.

I guess I was lucky (ish). At dx, people came crawling out of the woodwork, telling me about their diabetes. I met several people who were willing to show off their pumps--and one T2 who had just gone on a pump gave me a month's supply of lantus that he no longer needed (his month's supply, my eight month supply). I also have a friend of my mother's who's a CDE and was willing to talk local endocrinologists, which was helpful.

Most of the people I met were T2s, but I have at least three T1s in real life, who I knew before, who were willing to at least confirm. Two of them are about my age, one my mother's age. I've had diabetes conversations with the two my age. However, we tend not to have diabetes conversations--we knew each other before dx, so there are other commonalities that we talk about more.

I have a friend/co-worker that is T2 like me and we will sometimes bragg about our latest fasting read. But he is on oral meds and I'm on insulin and fasting reads are where the conversation ends. There is another co-worker that is T1 that I know but not well. I would like to have a conversation with him sometimes because I feel I have more in common with him. I have the same reservations as you in that I don't know if I should.

As for me the answers is I would be fine with it. What little I know about D I would be glad to share.

Gary S