Meeting the Needs of Latinos/Hispanics with Diabetes

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

I’m pretty new to this website but I’ve gotten a chance to look through a lot of the forums and realized how amazing this place is for conversation. In hope to become familiarized with the page and trying to relate it to my personal experience with Diabetes, I looked through most of the pages that TuDiabetes offers and this made me link things back to my current internship project. I’m currently working on a project on Diabetes in the Hispanic/Latino Population. I’m doing research about what current education materials are available, either in Spanish or specifically targeting Latino/Hispanic diabetes patients, and what resources could we provide the pharmacists to better serve the Latino/Hispanic diabetes patients. I specifically looked at materials from the supplier/manufacturers of diabetic projects, (for example, Bayer, BD, etc.) and am currently working on surveying some pharmacists to get feedback from their end. In doing my research for possible recommendations or suggestions to this project, I realized the most important questions to ask is: “What are the specific needs of the diabetic Latino/Hispanic population that aren’t met?” and “How could your pharmacist improve to meet the needs of the Latino/Hispanic diabetic population?” So this is where I turn to you guys for comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just looking to get some opinion and hearing what people, especially Latinos dealing with diabetes would have to say. Thanks guys!