Melatonin increasing bg levels

I’ve taken melatonin off and on for quite a few years now. I’ve been reading that there is some research linking it to insulin resistance and elevated bg levels in people who have t1 diabetes. Have any of you noticed elevated levels while taking melatonin?

I’ve been taking it regularly to help me sleep. I haven’t noticed any increased insulin resistance or BG levels.

Sam, I use it regularly no real issues.

Sounds like yet another YDMV sort of thing…

If you have the gene variant-G the risk allele-your nightime insulin secretion is suppressed by melatonin. if you have 23andme, you can see whether you have the risk allele by searching the snp rs10830963. we all are supposed to secrete melatonin at night, but I wonder if people with the G risk allele should really work on not eating close to bedtime since those individuals will have less insulin than others to deal with the glucose released by eating close to bedtime. these individuals would probably do better not to eat at all when melatonin is normally released after so many hours of darkness. How do you know when your melatonin levels are rising at night? you begin to feel less alert and sleepier. i want to make sure my stomach has finished digesting food by that time.

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I am fairly sure my insulin secretion is pretty much the same 24 / 7