Merry christmas to all out there in our family!

This is just a quick note for you guys to wish you all a Merry Christmasif I don’t get back here before then! The next 5 or 6 days look really busy to me right now! And to all the kids out there don’t act like my 14 month old granddaughter or you might be loosing a present or two if Santa’s listening!!!..OH look she even listened to that!! HA!!!

merry christmas and happy new year to u sweet heart in advance .and may god give all the happiness and wishes come true

Thank you so much Deepnagi!!! Some to you and yours!!! Have a GREAT ONE!!!

Merry Christmas Doris.I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday.I don’t like to go to the stores any later than this.It’s crazy out there!!

Way to true! I send out my lovely 19 year old and 17 year old to do the Christmas thingy. THat’s not to menchin my I know-everybodys sizes- and what the want hubby! After that I let the folks take back the wrong sizes and what they DON"T like! HA!!!

Doris, Merry Christmas to youl, your family, and your doggie family!

Thank you Kathy for remembering my doggie family too!!! The boy and girl will like that someone thought of them too!


Merry Christmas!!

Thank you so much for thinking of me at this time of year! I think all of us out here should think of one another and say a small prayer to God or your higher up to Thank HIM for letting Manny have such a great idea to bring us all together on this site! THANK YOU SO MUCH MANNY FOR tudiabetes!!!

I love that video those guys look like me trying to sing Christmas songs to my granddaughter! HA! Think I could get on stage with a terrable voice and getting the songs confused??? HA!