Meter advice?

Hello all,

I have a question/dilema, I have been using the contour usb meter for about a year or so and love it. I am a technology nerd and love the fact that I can connect it to my computer and print or email reports to my doctor. However my insurance ( mail order pharmacy) keeps sending me literature on the accu-check aviva and one touch meters hinting for me to change. I previously had used the one touch,and had ordered the data software, but so didn't like it because it reminded me of an old school 8-bit video game. I have not used the Accu-check and would like some opinions on this. Thanks!

Is there a number of strips angle to work, like they'll give you more or reduce your expense to switch? I got a contour USB thinking it would be useful for running but the case is a shade bulkier or maybe less flexible than the OneTouch UltraMini so I've stuck with that. If you get more useful reports out of the Bayer model and there's no difference for cost, I'd stick with it?

I recently did some reading on Consumer Reports to see what they said about the accuracy of various meters. The AcuCheck Aviva got the best marks, so I switched to it. I used to use the One Touch Ultra Mini, and it was fine, but I hated the lancet (so much more painful than the one that comes with the Aviva).

But if you're comfortable with what you're using and the insurance company is covering your costs, I don't see any awesome reason to change, though the accuracy is probably something to consider.

I use Glucose Buddy to track all my information so I can't really speak to the tech side of the meter.

This is excellent discussion and unfortunately I have used these meters all.

I am one of those folks whose liver decides its neat to throw the trick sugars out early for another pass back to the liver but means it gets pushed all around the body even finger tips where if there is any sensitivity of the test strips to all sugars plus glucose D one gets readings 40 to 100 points higher than the glucose D only.

My cgms has filters against that and my meter I use does a good job knocking out the trick sugars and tracks the cgms readings very well. Accu-check was the worst and this was on their ole pqq teststrips. They may have fixed by now.

I have to tell you that depending on your body make-up and what it does handling trick sugars, I would offer be carefull switching meters out. My one touch was fine as long as I always drank a gallon of water each time I tested or I would see high readings on it but it is billed as insensitive on the trick sugars. The Bayer Consul is intriguing but even though test strip is described as FAD GDH; I also saw a 40 point offset from my meter. I am not sure, but strips look like Nova Biomedical technology who make a great meter but I saw sensitivities on that as well.

Typically; I would see for the first 2 hours of digestion, all meters track great on my body, after the 2 hours I would see divergence in meters and this would last 6 hours till cracked - exhausted out of my body.

Before any changes, I would go get one of these puppies and small tub of strips and test first eating your favorite food that has high fructose corn sugar and some of the other sneaky man made sugars tossed into things and see if meter holds together through the whole 6 hour period between 2 meals prior to changing meters. The last thing a diabetic needs is a meter reading higher than it should due to trick sugars showing up intermittently and only at gut/intestine output times.

For some folks who have well behaved bodies, all/most meters are the same and accurate as done by others in review. For the rest of us who have bodies operating at the edge of hemocrit, water, oxygen ranges and throwing out uncracked trick sugars out for later passes thru liver, I would check carefully by pretesting.

The bayer console unit with its computer bus interface is very intriguing.

Lastly, Nova Biomedicals make a hospital version of their meter with two extra measuirng wells on the test strip to compenste the Hemocrit and another variable to ensure accurate readings in the hospital setting. I do not believe that it is available to the consumer marketplace nor do any other consumer grade products compensate that either as best as I know.

I hate the USB despite loving the technology. It’s technology could not offset the issues I had with accuracy. That said, I had all kinds of issues with insurance when considering it. Because of differing copays on preferred drugs, I would have paid about three times more, and over half of the full cost, to use Bayer. I ended up purchasing some of the strips (gasp) on eBay cheaper than I could get them using insurance. This was about a year ago and Bayer had a preferred pharmacy or something program that would limit your maximum copayment. It almost made the cost the same as what my preferred copayment was for the preferred one touch. It seemed to be for most large pharmacy players were eligible, so check their site if they start raising your copays. Doesn’t deal with the mail order issue, but if you have the option to fill locally, it helps. I checked the site and they still have the program that pays up to $35 of the monthly copayment.

Hey jims,

What are "trick sugars" you are referring to? I've searched the net and the only thing I can find on it are comments that you have written on other people's blogs. Is there an article or something you can point us to that talks about it?

Thank you

my bad. I was referring to some of the maltodextrins, corn syrup solids, galactose etc. Also high fructose corn sugar made by the ton cheaply by science/agriculture.

All I know is that if your body/liver throw this stuff out for another spin through the blood system and for pass back around through liver, the meters reading glucose D plus the alternates get readings that are 40 to 100 points elevated. The pqq test strips were the worst but some other meters/strips do show some sensitivity.

One touch and freestyle light claim they are not sensitive to non glucose D sugars. I guess the answer that all sugars are the same is not technically correct.

All I know is that whenever I ate some food stuff with the maltodextrins/galactose et all; I would see the extra elevated readings 2 hours after ingestion and typically get flushed out after 6 hour cycle and then all meters would read the same.

My daughter is having a problem with her mail in pharmacy not covering the Bayer strips. They have a contract with one touch. She can get them locally butfor over $100 a month?

What site helps with the co-pay? She is a 25 yrs old mother of one and has no extra money! Thanks for the info!

If you have an iPhone iPod or the bigger iPad you could go with the iBGStar (link): it's the smallest, more integrated and I think really accurate meter a nerd could have ;-)

I have to say I was really pissed when my insurance company forced me to switch to Abbott freestyle lite strips and meters I so deperately wanted to hate it, but I am beginning to come around. Not only does the strip require way less blood than the one touch but it will not start until there is enough blood on the strip so I waste far fewer strips. The software has some really good reports and features and once I had input the basics it is easy to download the meter and see trends.

check american diabetes warehouse and amazon as they usually have all brands and at 50% discount or better.

Are you saying other forms of sugar besides glucose are in the bloodstream and stored in the liver? How do they get there?


If I misspoke; I apologize.

Stored in liver as I understand it is a form of glucose D liver can convert to glucose D in blood stream.

Supposedly other forms of sugars are supposed to be converted to glucose D by intestines and liver prior to release to main blood stream. At least that was what somebody explained to me.

Due to my fun with caveman glucose machines and various strip types - pqq and the others that filter and read glucose D only; it became clear on my body that the extra sugars were leaking out unmodified/undigested into my bloodstream and throwing off the pqq and other test strips that do not differentiate from glucose D and the others.

Beyond that you will need a expert on human bhysiology and operation.

Thank you for asking!

Check with the manufacturer. I know that Abbot helps with copays for their test strips, for example.

It's called the Bayer Contour Choice program:

I have used the freestyle lite metter for years, but it does not feed the numbers into my pump, but I love, love, love, the small amount of blood you need and the fact if the strip does not suck up enough you can keep on trying on the same strip.

Small amount of blood and more than one chance to get the blood on the strip.

The omnipod pump uses the freestyle strips so that too makes a lot of sense to me. But I don't know how long that partnership will last. Omnipod is I believe partnering with the Dexcom people to make a fully integrated cgm/pump but I have no idea how soon that will make an appearance.

I love the FreeStyle too, but as with so many others, my insurance company mandates the brand of meter I use. Since I am on a Medicare Advantage Plan, I get my strips free - that is as long as I use the recommended meter. If I choose any other, even if the strips are cheaper than the ones I have to use, I have a copay. So, can you guess what I do? Yep, I change to their meter.

I've used the Accu-Check Aviva and liked it as well as I do any other meter, that is except the FreeStyle. That one will always remain my favorite.

Using compact plus, have ultra mini one touch as a spare, traveling etc. co pay dosnt care what I get or dictates what I use, just what’s on Rx.

Not fond of one touch meter, weak lancer… It works but I wouldn’t want to drop either one of the meters! Data wise, don’t really care for either one, use an iPad app. Doc loves pictures illustrating data, chartwise with all the averages, hourly on a day to day basis, can email off that app if I have too! One thing u have to get use to compact plus, E7 errors, radio interference, etc… It just happens!

For me, the app works best, less hassles for tech illerate doc! He can view all data if he wants or wants to see!

Accuchek downloading via USB cable, data reports can be confusing, lacking clarity. I never got the 360 software, didn’t need it. Can’t tell u about the 360 accucek software, might be good for all I know!

How u like contour? Thought it was too big and bulky for me!