What's your favourite glucose meter, why?

Hi everyone,I’m thinking of purchasing a new meter ,I’m lost between three choices:-

1)One touch Ultra Smart \ for the charts and the extra perks like hypo analysis.but seems too much of a hassle.

2)One touch Ultra Link \ for pairing up with the pump,does anyone find that useful?

3)One touch Ultra mini \ looks very convenient and discreet,not medical-equipment bulky at all, but it’s quality looks questionable to me,anyone feels that too?

there’s also the contour usb thingie but I’m not sure if it’s available around here.

and I hate one touch test strips,It feels like they take too much blood.

the meters I have:-

1)Contour \ the one I use all the time ,I love the fact that I can mark readings as pre\post meals.but no backlight which is a very big deal for me since I can’t test in the dark.

2)Optium Exceed \ only use it to test ketones.

3)Accu-chek Active \ never use it ,only advantage is it’s lancing device.

things I like in a meter:

1)advanced features like charts and capturing events.


3)test strips,I hate ones that take too much blood and too long to suck it in.

any tips would be much appreciable ,thank you :slight_smile:

I Love my Ultra Link - I print out my pump info from Carelink prior to endo appointments, and I love not having to enter each reading manually. I am not a logger, so it takes care of itself for me this way.

I have 2x UltraMinis and like them a lot. I recall you just got a pump and I think that the data from the pump should be better than the data from meters? I had an UltraLink before that that was nice too but you don’t “link” with a CGM because it will freak the CGM out if it’s calibrated too much so you just turn it off anyway. I lost that when I failed to close my bike bag all the way. ;-(. I like the UltraMini a lot. Sometimes a regular meter isn’t too big but I like the smaller size a lot.

I like the Accu-ck, butt? Hate it too…
Takes very little Blood
But , Like the One Touch? I can’t stand using the container… My Fingers are too Big and getting 1 out is a PITA… and even the slightest bit of dampness on your Finger digging the strip out and spoil it too…

I have the Precision as primary and since It get mine thru the VA, It works fine… downloadable, individually wrapped, etc… 5 & 5… 5 seconds after put it in and 5 sec to read it…

I get these Meters when they are on sale with their 10 free strips too and try them…

as for the Read outs? They’re Ok, but Most Endo’s I’ve had and have scan over them at a glance and want to look at my Actual Written Log and notes…to zero in on certain times that need more attention… The combination is the key …

ReliOn confirm based only on the fact that the strips are about $0.40 each compared to $1.00+ for other meters

its also got enough features that i really don’t feel like i’m missing out. (500 test memory, time/date, 14 and 30 day averages, 5 second timer, small blood sample, the basics)

but out of those choices all i’ve used is the mini and i guess i liked it (only got to use the 10 free strips it came with)

What is this? Ultra Link? I am desparate to find a meter that will store and transfer to a computer (I have windows7) as I have number dyslexia and though I can read numbers and understand them, I cannot write them down?! An 8 can come out as a 6 or vice versa) or numbers change value somewhere between my eyes and head!

can’t you use an audio meter,I’ve heard one in action,using a link requires work too.

I use the UltraSmart and love it, allows me to quickly enter exercise activities and insulin doses (MDI, pump soon) with only a couple button presses. Has a lot of different ways to analyze the readings, by time of day, exercise, etc. Allows you to set up your own personalized before and after meal readings so it displays messages when outside your range. Although I don’t use it, can also enter meal data as well (carbs, fat, calories, protein).

I do agree though that the onetouch test strips are a pain and to upload to your computer you have to buy the software and the usb connection cord.

does it have a food database ?

Just checked and didn’t appear to be a database, I only had an option for manual entry for the four categories.

I see,thanks :slight_smile:
just one more question if you don’t mind,how bad are the strips?

I didn’t understand what you said about the ultramini, what is it that you said about never removing it??.

and 17 meters!,I have three and it’s really weighting me down :slight_smile:

Same as your comment on OneTouch strips, seems to require more blood then others I’ve used and that they’ll give read errors if not enough blood is pulled in initially while others allow for more to be added.

that’s soo cool!!,does that pouch come in the box! ,I no longer use pouches for the stupid plastic mess they have around it,I just use a small round money pouch to keep my stuff in!.

thanks for the pic Alan!,it really clarified my thoughts.

I just switched from the OneTouch Ultra Smart (which I had used for years) to the Contour USB and love it. Mainly because it requires quite a bit less blood than the OneTouch. Add to that that it works on my Mac and it seems perfect. The analysis is nice as you can just plug it into any computer and it works, as well as storing information. I have no idea if it is available in Saudi Arabia, but if it isn’t yet I suspect it will be soon. Good luck in your quest!

nice screen! ,thanks again Alan,I would have gone through with the ultramini if it had a backlight ,imagine what I would with such a screen!.
but what about it’s test strips,the one that comes with Accu-chek active were the worst,I even toyed with results by putting more and less blood.

really?,it works with a mac? ,mine is OS.X version 10.6 and from what I read they said it had problems that concerned synchronizing with newer versions of software.
If that wasn’t an issue,I think I could buy it somewhere else, we travel ever year and summer is coming,as far as I’m concerned,I could buy it from wherever we’re going and buy strips from here,they use the same strips as the old contour right?.

accu-check because I get the strips for free on the clinical trial. otherwise I’d be using one-touch with the PING system for my pump

Well, I’m running running MacOS 10.6.7 which I think is the most recent. The software is a little slow to start up and autostart doesn’t work, which is a pain. But I click on the software, it starts up and works fine. I’m going to download the software and see if that works with the autostart. But, to be honest, clicking to start the software doesn’t bother me much and I really like the meter. Very easy to read, test quickly with little blood and has a rechargeable battery. I’m very happy with it.


The screen is nice - very easy to read. I generally recharge it every fortnight and I haven’t had an empty battery yet. I got mine for free here; my diabetic nurse had a coupon for it. I find the software easy to use, but I want to try downloading the software as I am told that adds some features. And yeah, it is cool looking. Even my GP was impressed by it.