Meters and Strips....Buying out of Pocket

OK, I know the techies love to talk about this.
I have a Libre which takes Neo strips. I have Omnipod PDM which takes Freestyle. I’m going to run out of an abundance of strips soon (thank you wonderful My Sugr bundle), and my dumb HMO only pays for One Touch. I have two Contour link meters, three Roche meters and these Abbott options. I don’t use very many anymore since getting the Libre, but I don’t know how to find a consistent supply of affordable strips. When I check out the Amazon options, they seem to be selling expired boxes. The Roche Guide meter has been matching the Libre extremely closely, but again I don’t know how to find affordable supplies without the HMO. I love the My Sugr deal, but I can’t take on a monthly payment.
Any thoughts?

I’m on the Libre as well and about to run out of my stockpile of strips from OneDrop so what I plan to do is buy the test strips for the Libre (precision neo) from either Amazon or Ebay. They seem to cost about $20 for fifty.

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I am always buying and using expired Freestyle strips. They are perfectly fine and as good and consistent as unexpired ones.


Countour next strips on ebay or amazon are less then 25 cents

always test good and have great dates

I would not hesitate to use them

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That’s what my CDE is doing for herself and her Mom…

I saw the prices on those, not bad…

I bought the Contour Next and strips off of Amazon. Haven’t had any yet with expired dates and, or course, they’ve all worked perfectly.

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I have a feeling Contour is gonna win…:wink:

I got a countour next meter off ebay new for 5 dollars with 10 strips and a link to go online and get a nice free bayer case which I got in less then a week

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Contour next Link meter is the one I have brand new, still in the box. Oh wait, I have two brand new meters and I found 50 unopened strips though one box expired in 2015. How did I ever manage not to open these meter boxes up and try them out? I truly do have a diabetes supply store in the guest room…:slight_smile:

I buy the over the counter ones at Walmart. They work well enough for me.


We have a pharmacy called CVS in New England. They carry the Neo strips and regularly run 30% off sales with free shipping if you sign up for their card (like all other grocery store cards). I can get 50 strips for $17 or so (for .35 a strip).

That’s helped keep my costs down. Good luck!

D2 4.19.18

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50 strips for 17 is still a lot higher the 100 strips for 24 dollars

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I use to use a One Touch Ultra, and loved that it did all the statistics for me. Then I needed to test more often than I was willing to fight insurance for more strips, so I switched over to a simple True Metrix meter and buy all my extra strips from Amazon. So far I have had great luck getting strips that are nowhere near their expiration date, and usually pay less than $30 for 4X50 strips (200 total). There are a lot of free apps out there now that can calculate your averages, so I no longer miss my formerly more sophisticated meter and have switched over to adding my glucose numbers to the app that does it all for me.

Great price, never heard of that meter?

The meters are often labeled under their actual name, which is True Metrix, or co-branded with various stores and pharmacies, such as Walgreen’s. Bought through Amazon you can get the meter and strips really inexpensively compared to their more famous competitors.

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Ah, ok!