Meters - Bad Readings - Defective Technology?

My doctor suggested I use the Freestyle meter “because the technology was better than the OneTouch Ultra”.I have used two different Freestyle meters and received dramatically inconsistent readings frequently. I have compared the readings (for several months) with the OneTouch Ultra. I maintain tight control of my HbA1C by testing 10-15 times per day. I have decided to discard the Freestyle and go back to the OneTouch since the readings from the Freestyle can be as much as 50 points off, which drives me crazy!

I don’t know what to tell you. Freestyle has been my preferred meter for years. I find my values are actually more accurate. Sorry for your bad experiences. Definitely go with what works for you!

freestyle for me is my preferred meter. Although this is true, I had 1 meter that went haywire and it read 90 points off. I called Abbott and they replaced it as well as provided me with 100 free strips for my trouble. Give them a call - They are wonderful! MelissaBL and I prefer them over all others :slight_smile:

Dear Readers. Please have a lock at the topic “accuracy of meter and strips.” And let us know what you think. We have a great opportuneity to determine the accuracy ( how well our meter readings compare to the lab test) and the precision ( how tightly bunched several readings taken at the same time from the same finger are.) What I proposed to do is that people that go for a lab blood test also measure with their meters 3 times as close as possible in time to the blood sample. We can take the average of the 3 readings and compare it to the lab result. also the closeness of the 3 test strip would be useful to know.

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes 11 years ago I finally got a Bayer Ascentia that took 60 seconds for a reading. This meter was unbelievably accurate always 5% below the lab test. And it was very precise as 3 different readings from the same finger at the same time was usually within 2%.

The crap that they now sell us is neither accurate nor precise. I think it has to do with the shortened measurement time of only 5 seconds which increases measurement error considerably.

I HAVE ALWAYS had this problem with the freestyle. I Have contacted the company… tried over 8 new meters and even proven to my doctor how much it varies against itself not to mention my one touch ultra.

On the same sample of blood within 30 seconds one reading was
Next test on the same drop

I have gotten apology letters from the company on this matter

I dropped the freestyle and keep using my one touch …

I think maybe its the testing method and the individual person? Maybe blood counts…other substances in the persons blood stream?

Hmm interesting either way