Metformin and ...Rum?

Well, I am looking forward to visiting with my dear friend from high school tonight. I’m hoping to have a drink or two.
I started Metformin about a month ago and take 500 mg. I haven’t had any alcohol since starting it and I am sort of nervous about drinking while taking it.

Anyone been there?

To drink or not to drink…This is my question!

Check with your doctor first. However, 500mg is not much and if you have no kidney problems you should have no issues with the alcohol and metformin interaction. Stay away from sugared mixes and you should be OK.

Metformin and rum, sounds like a good night to me !

Just be sure and put something in your stomach as you drink and check your blood sugar to make sure you don’t go low. Enjoy your visit with your friend!

Metformin generally has a “no alcohol” warning on it. When I was on it, I asked my doctor (religious rituals often involve wine) and she’d said the problem is related to heavy drinking – apparently alcohol is rougher on your liver with metformin than without. An occasional drink should not be problematic (especially as your doc has already OK’d it). The few times I had alcohol while on metformin, I found it irritated my stomach considerably, and so I found myself having to give up any sort of social drinking at that time. Your mileage may vary.

Alcohol lowers BG, so keep testing. Best to drink with food, or have a snack to prevent a low. That can really kill a fun night out.

Watch out for tomorrow morning. I tend to go high after a few drinks the night before. The other metformin warning my pharmacist gave me was not to take the metformin with alcohol…duh!!!

glad you had some fun!


I drink red wine at night and have never had a problem. It supposedly lowers bg. But I have never gone low. Make sure you eat while drinking.

Great advice already.

Eat first, preferably a low carb meal. Get Metformin extended release if you are having gastric issues. Drink low carb drinks, such as wine or clear spirits with low carb mixers.

I drink a fair amount and have had no trouble to date doing the above.

“Heavy drinking” issues are around lactic acidosis, but this is sustained heavy drinking and the incidence is very rare.

We all need a bit of fun now and again! Hope that helps…