One glass of wine?!? Sheesh!

My diabetes nutritionist told me to drink just one glass of wine, that I could have one glass every night if I wanted, but to just stick to one glass. Well, here’s my problem. I may go for weeks without drinking alcohol, but if I open a bottle of wine it is with company and I will want two or maybe three. One suggestion I’ve had is to switch to a cocktail as there is less sugar, but there is just something so warm and friendly with sharing a bottle of wine with people. I am on oral Meds - quite a few, really. I think I will just break the single glass rule the three times a year that I want to, unless someone has a solution for me?!

I drink dry red wine ( Merlot ) ; I don't think it is the sweetness but the alcohol content , that may mix up our livers...always watch you bloodglucose readings after consumption and during the night ...I suppose if one has too many beverages , one may start munching and driving and ...etc. etc.

Enjoy your wine. It's not something you do often enough to worry about. The caution is alcohol (dry wine & distilled alcohol) causes lows, so don't drink on an empty stomach & test frequently. Of course, check to make sure none of your meds are risky with drinking. Believe Metformin has an alcohol caution, but people on Metformin drink.

So the nutritionist told you to limit wine, not your doctor and not your diabetes educator. Do you think your nutritionist is in the best place to evaluate the interaction of alcohol with diabetes or medication? I don't think so. I take a max dose of metformin and break this rule. In fact, I had four glasses last night (it is "required" at the Passover seder).

My endocrinologist, dietition and my general physician have all told me that drinking actually lowers blood sugar so just test to make sure you don't drop! as for amount, dont get so drunk that you cant tell that you're dropping.

I've found that my BGs are totally fine even if I have 3-4 glasses (not that I do that that often!) Never have had a problem with highs or lows, for that matter, with alcohol, as long as I'm not drinking sugary cocktails. Jack and diet or wine are my drinks of choice.

Hmm, all of your comments are very encouraging - it looks good for my continued relationship with my vino! I will check with the dietician again, as I remember it wasn’t the blood sugar levels that were a concern, but I will talk to her. Brian, normally I wouldn’t trust a dietician with much, however, this woman seems to be the right “man” of my endo, lots of communication between the two, so, ya, I will try to do what she says, like taking my metformin at supper instead of bed.

I never bolus for alcohol. I always eat, and adding protein or even a little fat will help stabilize your BG's. I have to eat a bed time snack when I have more than two drinks. I do not do this often either but we deserve it! Be cautious and test test test.