Metformin Not Working For Me

I am new to the site and so far I am loving it.
I’ve been a diabetic for about 12 year now. I had been controlling it with diet until a little over two months when my blood work showed my numbers had gone up and the dr. put me on Metformin. I took it for about two weeks and within those two weeks I made sure I cut back on my carbs and I walked for 30 min. everyday. You would think that my numbers would be somewhat low, right? Nope, didn’t happen, one day it was 373 and the lowest while taking the medication was 250… I got scared and stopped taking it. I haven’t seen the dr. yet, but I have been exercising and watching my carb. intake and my numbers are good it varies from 97 to 145. This Friday I have to go get a blood test then I will talk to my dr. about the medication she prescribed. Has anyone else have the same problem?
Thanks in advance for your support.

Metformin can take up to a month to build up in your system and start working. How much metformin are you taking. I had to raise the dose to 2550 mg and then experiment with the timing . I take one when I wake up, another at 10:30 am and the last one right before I hit the pillow at night. I also found I need to keep my carbs pretty low. In the morning my meals are usually 10-15 carbs, lunch and dinner are usually 15-25 carbs. Also you may need more than 30 minutes a day of exercise to bring numbers down. My carb count varies between 40-75 carbs a day for best control.

I was taking 250mg 3 times a day and it was with food.

I am hoping that I can continue doing the diet controlled system better than having to start up on meds. Since I have been watching what I eat and exercising daily I have lost 18lbs. and notice that my numbers are lower than before. I will let you know what the results say.