Numbers are staying low but wondering about my meter

Just started on Metformin, 1 week today ...My numbers are staying in the 70-105 range consistently for the last few days. I put this in my blog post but I am too lazy to retype so I just copy and paste here. Seems the forum discussions gets more comments than the blogs and I am hoping for a bit of feedback on this.I think this is normal if the Metformin is working but I thought it took like 6 weeks so I am surprised at my good numbers so quickly. Of course, I am testing a lot and being very careful about my diet/carbs...thanks guys! Any experiences/comments?

From blog post:

I am wondering if it is working OK because my numbers have been staying low (why I am complaining you wonder?). According to the booklet for the meter, if my display is correct when I put my strip in the device in working properly which it is doing. There is a glucose control test I can do but it seems so confusing.

For example, last night I had a higher carb meal (1/2 cup of beans) because I am adding thing to my meager meals (which were just mostly vegggies before) and my BS was the same before as after. 87. Is this the Metformin doing its job?

For the last 4 days, my numbers have been staying mostly between 70 and 105. Is it normal when on the meds and doing a good diet (and yes, I started exercising - 30 on bike) for them to stay pretty consistent and not spike or go down significantly? They did go up the first time on the bike the other day - but I haven't exercised in a while and the nurse said that was not to worry about because it is the muscles releasing sugar. (my muscles are pretty out of shape)

For example, this morning I had my low carb toast and peanut butter and a cup of unsweetened hemp milk which I couldn't have at the a few days ago because it made my sugars go up. But now it seems to be OK. 82 when I woke up and 84 two hours after I ate. Btw, What is the "safe" number to go to bed at? I thought I read somewhere that is was 100. I eat a later dinner (like around 7or 8 ish because I don't want a growling tummy in the middle of the night).

I guess I feel alright (not hyper or hypo symtpoms). I still don't feel all that great after I take my Metformin (I take it after breakie and after lunch on full stomach) like today my skin is bothering me again which happens after I take the Metformin sometimes. This morning I was puffy when I woke up so I wonder if I am drinking too much water but it is going away. I know it has only been a week though so I am trying not to freak out at very weird new feeling I get after I take the meds.

I am still trying to find a doctor and I want to ask all these questions when I go. Nothing wrong than not being sure if things are normal but having no one to ask or call. My goal is to have an appointment by the end of next week.

I would think that if the nurse told you not to worry, then you shouldn’t force yourself to worry about it, and find a doc or whomever diagnosed you to ask your questions…we are not that here, we can only tell you what our experience is.

It sounds like your numbers are good, and you aren’t experiencing highs and lows…but pretty constant numbers. What are you eating for meals and snacks? that might be an indication…do you keep a food diary?

Hope you can get a medical slant on this so it will ease your mind.

It does seem that Metformin is working & working great. Perhaps you’re one of the people that Metformin doesn’t need weeks to help & exercising may be assisting with your great numbers.

Also wonderful that you’re remaining level from exercising.

Drinking a lot of water won’t make you puffy. If you’re eating a lot of salt, that can cause water retention.

Not sure what you’re worried about when everything is going so well.

Hi Gerri,

I know I shouldn’t worry. I try not to - can’t help it. I guess that is common with new people. :slight_smile:

I was worried that my puffiness was swelling. I know it says that if you have any skin “reactions” that you should talk to your doctor. Well, don’t have a doctor yet. I was just trying to find out if Metformin affected anyone elses skin and so far it only seems like me.

I havne’t been having alot of salt. I used to eat a lot of salt but I haven’t been adding any salt to any of my foods. There might be some salt in my peanut buttter, bread or my hummus. I have been adding nutritional yeast too my steamed veggies and other things. For some B12, until I start up with my vitamins again. i don’t think that is particularly salty.

thanks for your comments! Based on your comments and Ducks (who is also new), it sounds like my numbers are OK. I guess I was worried about them too low too fast. I hope like you said I am just one of those it works fast on. I wish my skin felt more normal - hopefully that will go away in time. I know diabetes is supposed to make you dry skin but it is different than dry and it only my face.

Hopefully I will have a doctors appt soon to make sure everything checks out OK.

Actually my numbers were getting pretty steady even before I started exercising but I want to get rid of my tummy fat because it seems “dangerous” to me now. My numbers go up slightly after the exercise (or at least they seem too I haven’t been testing right before and after exercise because I fit it in after my 2 hour eating test- I think six times pricking a day is enough).

I worry that it is dangerous to exercise if my numbers aren’t above a certain level.

Sounds like you are doing wonderful. Try to relax and ENJOY normal blood glucose levels. Breathe and give yourself some credit. I know it is stressful, but take one thing at a time and enjoy each accomplishment.

I understand worrying & you’re doing great!

Afraid I don’t know about Metformin & skin issues. Have you found anything on the web about this? I’d be concerned about the swelling also because that can be an allergic reaction. Everyone reacts differently to meds. A bit of puffiness doesn’t sound serious, but if you’re really swelling that’s different. Call a drug store & speak to a pharmacist if you can’t reach a doctor.

Don’t worry about the control solution for your strips. It’s just a way to have us use even more strips. I never bother with this & most people don’t.

WOW! I haven’t seen numbers like that in decades. it takes a couple of days to show an effect and about 7 - 10 days to exert a max effect. I wouldn’t be too eager to start metfomrin too soon. it has a long term detremental affect on kidneys so you need to watch that. also, I found out last year after I had been injured that metformin reacts with the iodine dye used in mri’s to immediately kill all kidney function. I had to wait a week b4 I could be scanned and had to stay off it for another week. everysince then I have been very nernous about metfomrin and am considering investing in a medalert bracelet.
anyway, you are doing fine. don’t fret and worry. Enjoy the good food and the bike rides. you are doing great.
danny w

Your numbers do not look like a diabetic’s. Who told you you’re diabetic? Also, don’t get overly excited about Metformin.



According to Kimberly’s home page, her A1c is 9.2. Not a non-diabetic A1c. She’s been doing great watching what she’s eating & the Metformin is helping.

My CDE told me to eat a bedtime snack if I’m below 100. But if you’re not on Insulin that may not apply.

Yes, the doctor wanted me to be on the Metaformin specifically because of the A1c of 9.2 which means I have had high sugars for at least 3 months prior…perhaps longer - I couldnt’ remember the last time I had a blood test. Been taking the Metformin for exactly as week. When I was first diagnosed, my fasting blood was 205. The rest of my organs are fine. My pancreas was normal ( the c-peptide I believe was 12 which my doctor said was normal). So no insulin (yet). I had a LOT of stress for the month prior to my diagnosis so now that I am not stressed I am sure that is helping my number but I have the high A1C. I hoping that if my number stay this way my A1c will significantly decrease in 3 months. I am getting the hang of the diet and it seems to be working for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kathrynann, my blood sugars have been around the 80’s mostly when I go to bed and I haven’t had any problems yet but I am going to keep that number in mind for the future.

thanks all!


Those of us on insulin are told to eat a small protein snack before bed to prevent overnight lows. You shouldn’t have to worry about this because of when you take Metformin,