Metformin update

I got a letter from my insurance company today telling me to stop taking the metformin and call my doctor. I am also on trulicity and tresiba . Not sure what she will do. I willlet you know. Nancy50

Are you using one of the brands recalled?
My guess is doctor would provide new script for another brand, or review other options for you.

You got a letter? Snail Mail? Well, they obviously thought it was urgent

My question is : is there another brand that does not contain this cancer causing agent. I am at high risk for colon cancer. They wanted me to call the pharmacy to get a replacement. I said,I do not want to take it. I may talk to the pharmacy tomorrow to get more information. I think most metformin is made overseas.testing blood sugars without it for a week or so. Nancy50

Turns out my metformin is not one of that is contaminated. The pharmacist said you would need to be on it with contamination at an elevated level for 70 years. So I reached out to my CDE and Endo who is a FNP to explain that I will continue to take this medication. for more information. Nancy50