Metformin - What's Your Dose?

Just wondering what dosage people are on.
I’m on Lantus 2x a day - 20U in am/ 12 in pm. And I’m on 1000mg of regular Metformin 2x a day.

Just recently discovered that in the afternoon (no food), my numbers were going up. I tried a few things but the only thing that worked was taking an extra 500 mg early afternoon. Soooo…I’m not even sure what this means, but I’m wondering if I need to up my am/pm dosage or switch to ER or XL? I think I’ve heard of people taking more than 1000 mg per dose, but not sure.

Thanks in advance for your input.

I read somewhere that there is a diminishing return with higher dosages of Metformin. After about 2500 mg there is no more decrease in bg levels. Wish I remembered where I read this.

My current prescription is Metformin ER 1500 mg (750mg x2 taken at once). I find that I get better control if I split the doses to 750 mg in the morning and again at night. I don’t think the extended release version releases at a steady rate. In my mind I envision an activity curve peaking after about 3 - 4 hours and then declining after about 7 - 8 hours and hanging on for the rest of the day. But, that’s just my experience and ymmv. I limit my carbohydrates to between 30 and 40 gr/day and have very good bg levels except 1 hour after breakfast where my bg level is between 115 - 130 mg/dL.

I’m taking 1000 mg Metformin Hcl 2x’s a day. I take 1000 with breakfast(after I eat) and another 1000 after supper, which because of my work schedule is usually around 7:30 or 8:00. As with Yvonne, my after breakfast #'s are always the most carb sensitive. I guess by then the meds. are pretty much out of our systems.I bet the HCL would do better for you.

I am taking Metformin ER 1000 mg 2xday along with Lantus at night and Humalog 3xday (with each meal). I couldnt be happier. This is the best regimin I have ever been on.

That is very interesting, Jeffrey - and I’m so happy for you. Every time one of us gets control over our #s, I swear a bell must go off in Heaven - lol!

My issue seems to be when I don’t eat, not when I eat (as long as I eat low carb). I’m curious, how much Lantus do you take at night? When I first started taking it at night, I woke up to horrible lows (I’m talking 40s), so after some research, I split the dose.


The max metfromin dose per day is 2550mg. The studies on it suggest that you don’t see any clinically significant results until you are taking 1500mg per day. The amount you take in one go depends on the type and your reaction to it. If it’s the XR/ER version then it’s common to take the days worth at once and some people take the regular version all at once. However, the major side effect of metformin is stomach cramps, GI problems, bloating and all that jazz. The more you take at once the more chance you have of getting these side effects so it’s really something you figure out for yourself.

If you don’t eat, your numbers will go up regardless of your treatment. That’s why you should eat on a regular basis.

Hi Duncan - thanks for your response. That’s good to know (about the max dose). My conundrum is that I do eat on a regular basis, but the numbers go up in between meals, like if I haven’t eaten for 3 hours. So, in other words, I get good readings 1 hour and 2 hours pp, then somewhere around 3 to 3 1/2 hours, it starts to rise. I have tried eating little snacks, with some success, but I’m thinking it’s probably my basal secretions that are out of whack.

the doctor give me metformin 500 tab with morning and evening meals but i found it gives me good control with breakfast and lunch

Hi Cheri,
I take 42units of Lantus prior to bedtime, and 10 units of Novolog before each of 3 meals during the day. I also take the Metforman 850mg HCL Tablets 3 per day (prior to meals). As I read about the 1000mg doses that some are taking, I thought, wow, I sure am lucky, but the total dose that I take is quite high, at the moment my glucose is not under control, some of that is due to recently stopping the Glyberide, hope it turns around soon. good luck to you and all

Hi Estel -
Thanks for the reply. I can’t take my Lantus at night - I get horrible hypos in the morning.
I used to take Glyburide and am very happy not to be taking it anymore. I’d much rather use insulin. I hope your bs turns around soon as well. The quickest way I know how to get the bs under control is to go very low carb. Good luck!!

I have been taking 1000mg 2x/day for the past 8 months. No side effects except for GI problems the first month. I have consistent morning fasting numbers in the low 90s and PPs <140.

I take 2/1000 twice daily. Breakfast & Supper…I’ve only been on it just over 1 month…started it slowly 1/2 per day and built up to…2X2 about 2 weeks ago…Have dropped from 10/12BS mornings to 8/9…Can anyone tell me how long I should wait for a better improvement before I check with Doctor? He didn’t tell me anything when he prescribed it. Thanks

yes insulin is much preferable to the glyb s==t. Metformin good but after one week I canhardly get out of bed bur BG numbers really good. this is like the old slovak joke that the operation was a smashing success but the patient died.

mine is 500mg, TID (3x/day. so far, i feel just fine…

I am on 500mg 3 times a day right before eating meals. Seems to be working, now I am not hungry all of the time and I am finally starting to lose weight

I was told that most people don’t get a significant response to Metformin until the dose is 1500 mg.

According to the official prescribing information, the top dose for Metformin ER, the extended release form is 2250. For the plain form it is 2500.

Metformin doesn’t do anything for me until I get up to 1500 mg/dl. Then it has a small effect on my post-meal numbers but a huge effect on whether or not I gain weight.

In my case you are dead on as it does nothing at 1500 mg and helps make control easier at 2000 mg but I cannot tolerate it for more than one week as I get too tired to get out of bed.

It seems to be working. Could be that dosage is proportional to mass the more you weight the more you need like for many drugs.